Saudi Arabia jointly set up hundreds of billions of funds behind Softbank technology ambitions ca1834

Saudi Arabia jointly set up hundreds of billions of funds behind: Softbank technology ambitions of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Silicon Valley warrants careful Softbank technical ambition! An article in the financial times issued such a warning. Since the financial crisis, has been rising in technology stocks suffered in Waterloo in mid 2015, and in 2016 at the beginning of the global financial market turmoil in the two hit, represented by the Silicon Valley technology stocks seem to be tied together, they are waiting to be market clearing high valuation. But this shock wave much less serious, although some tech startups were forced to accept the "insulting" quoted in the new round of financing, but any round of market callback period, is a great period of distribution of funds, plenty of cash flow is Everfount into science and technology risk investment. These giants including Chinese, Saudi consortium, of course, there are high-profile Sun Zhengyi and his softbank. Plenty of cash flow and no one can when the enemy Early Apple announced a $1 billion investment drops, market wide shock; but as Softbank continued generous market, only to find who is really ambitious. In July, Japan’s Softbank decided to 23 billion 400 million pounds acquisition chip giant ARM, the premium rate as high as 43%; last week, Softbank group announced that it will join forces with the Saudi sovereign wealth fund PIF, to build a $100 billion technology investment fund: Softbank Fund (SoftBank Vision Fund) vision. Softbank vision Fund aims to invest up to $100 billion in the global technology industry in the next five years, to have a huge influence in the future of science and technology company. No wonder last week after the news broke, the Silicon Valley venture capitalists are extremely shocked, their previous investment (such as the angel investment round) is likely to face the risk of being eaten, because the cash flow shock wave is that they can not stop the. So plenty of cash flow, investment success, thanks to the cash before natural Softbank Alibaba, provides enough ammunition for Softbank’s acquisition of ARM. The adventurer and nouveau riche according to its design in SVF, the $100 billion will be as follows: Softbank investment proportion up to $25 billion; Saudi public investment funds up to $45 billion; other investors to participate in the remaining $30 billion investment for the development of these funds will be in the form of how to join the technology industry, considering the complexity of risk investment and only when the fund began operation and investment after the conclusion. Why did Sun Zhengyi find Saudi Arabia this time? This may need to be considered in two ways. Many large-scale mergers and acquisitions, Softbank face cash pressure. In addition to the acquisition of ARM, 2012, Softbank’s $2 billion 300 million acquisition of telecom operators eAccess. 2013, $22 billion acquisition of U.S. operators Sprint holdings, $1 billion 100 million acquisition of U.S. Telecom dealers B8相关的主题文章: