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Royal live release: in addition to the haze purification system at the same time for outdoor air Phoenix Technology News News November 5th, Lee Foundation 10 anniversary celebration and royal live new conference held in Beijing today to purify Tongzhou. Conference, Lee Foundation launched a new royal air purification system of whole house to live. The conference site is different with the traditional air purifier, this system can provide a set of ventilation and purification for family house solutions, according to reports, the Royal live purification system can real-time and high precision monitoring of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other pollutants PM2.5 data, once the filtering effect reached more than 99%, can be the outlet of the PM2.5 control in the 5 micrograms. At the same time, the energy saving effect can reach more than 80%. In addition to cleaning the air outside the Royal living system can also be real-time replacement of outdoor air, indoor of filtered oxygen enriched air, also will be collected from the indoor air pollution from outside, to replace the user ventilation window. At the same time, the full heat recovery device can prevent indoor temperature reduction during ventilation. The system uses modular design, can be based on user needs, will be a combination of multiple devices. Module of the system includes air purification ventilator, outdoor air inlet, exhaust outlet, inlet outlet, PTC electric ceramic humidifier, large screen display and air quality tester etc.. The conference site according to different usage scenarios, the live system provided various types of air purification ventilator, including A80B, A300Z / 600Z wall mounted cabinet straight blow type and A300G / 600G cabinet and C150PD pipeline type E& C350PD / E ceiling type etc.. The system can be achieved through the phone App remote switch, wind speed adjustment, air index view and personalized customization. Similar to the traditional air purifiers, fresh air purification system, also need to be equipped with various types of cleaning supplies, consumables replacement cycle between 3000 to 5000 hours. Conference, we learned that the new air system in the United States, Japan and Europe and other developed countries and regions penetration rate has exceeded 80%, while in China is still in the initial stage. Royal purification system is expected to be listed in 2019, will be sold through Jingdong, Tmall and other online channels, in addition to the traditional experience of the store, agent distribution channels.相关的主题文章: