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Travel-and-Leisure The dawn of a most elaborated culture, a lifestyle with higher degree of honour and chivalry, Majestic forts, fable of romance and bravery with excellent military tactics is what the historic land of Rajasthan flaunts about. A land of world oldest Indus valley civilization finds traces of invasion of Aryans way back to 1400 BCE. However signs of early inhabitation is dated back to 2500 BCE. These early inhabitants were pushed back to the south by the Aryans who now settled here forever. Rajasthan has witnessed intense bloodsheds due to the constant clashes of various tribes for acquiring land. It was much later when the various Rajput Dynasties emerged to collectively call the area of Rajasthan as the Rajputana states. According to a Myth- Rajput lineage can be traced from a mythical fire at Mt. Abu, situated in the oldest mountain range of the Aravali which gave rise to the three main branches of Ksyatriya Rajputs- one belonging to Agni Kula or the fire family, second belonging to the sun family or the Suryavanshi and thirdly the one belonging to the moon family or Chandravanshi. Rajputs got the holy blessing and recognition by the Brahmins. Rajputs resisted the Muslim invasion of as long as 300 years until they became subservient to the Delhi Sultanate. The Mughals in return granted the Rajput rulers right to continue their rule in respective territories in Rajasthan under the umbrella of Delhi Sultanate and collected tributes from these Rajas. Most of the Rajput rulers were appointed them as Mansabdars of the Mughal Court later several matrimonial relations were too established where the Hindu Rajput ruler would marry his daughter or sister to the Mughal Emperor or his son. This was a Political .promise met through matrimonial relations. Historians believe that Rajputs were so brave that many Mughal expansion campaigns were headed by a Rajput as the military .mander and is often well quoted that Rajputs won the Hindustan for the Mughals Rajasthan beholds a vastly rich culture that any other north Indian state can boast about itself. A vibrant and colourful culture of Rajasthan can be seen in its various folk dances, music among which the most famous ones are the Ghoomar from Udaipur and Kalbeliya from Jaisalmer, Katputli and kachighodi dance performed has the joyful rhythm of Dholak, Sarangi and Sitar. The famous block print, tie, and die prints found in vibrant coloured bandhini dupata and sari with neat mirror work is eye- catching. Besides this the zari embroidery, blue pottery, wooden carved item are other attraction of this magnificent state of India. The heritage of Rajasthan, which is magnificent and grand in its own way, includes the majestic forts, beautifully decorated Places and equally glorious temples. Some of these forts include the Chittorgarh fort, Raigad, and Amber fort. City palace that has lofty silver antique pieces and the Jaisalmer Haveli is a reflection of the bygone past. Tourist heavily visits Pushkar near Ajmer in Rajasthan for authentic Rajasthani Handicraft and other items. Also Pushkar is abode home of the only temple of Lord Brahma across the country. If one plans a short trip to Rajasthan but aspires to experience all, then a perfect place to visit would be Chawkidhani few km away from Jaipur where you can relish the cuisine of Rajasthan which is strictly vegetarian. The Rajput cuisine was prepared keeping the war situation in mind, thus due to lack of water, mostly the dishes made has less water but was .pensated by using milk and butter. You can also indulge in other activities in Chawkidhani like camel ride; elephant ride, see some spectacular dance performances by Rajasthani traditional folk dance performers, or get an Herbal body tattoo made using Heena. Touring in Rajasthan avails you to everything you desire a spectacular safari through the goldensand dunes to a wildlife encounter at the wetlands of Ranthambore and Sariska. Rajasthan tour packages is designed to suffice a truly Rajasthani experience. The various travel agencies and Tour guides operating make intricate provisions to make Rajasthan Tours memorable experience. Rajasthan is famous for authentic hotels and resorts and if one has a wish to have the Maharaja experience then there are several palaces converted into Hotel, among which is the famous Lake Palace hotel. The government of Rajasthan is also very supportive in promoting tourism in Rajasthan and thus a government-operated emporium called Rajasthali is a perfect hub for shopping sprees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: