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Network-Marketing You hear it all the time. People are unsure whether they should lead with the product or the business when talking with potential prospects. There isn’t a wrong answer here but the decision has to be made all the same and you need to decide which you are going to introduce to others, the products or the business. If your products are a solution to the problem that the client is looking for, you should introduce the products to them to see if it is of enough interest for them to try the product to see if it meets their needs. If the business is more of a solution to the problem that the client is looking for, introducing the business would be a better choice. Most people feel that the person has to like and be passionate about the products before the business would ever be of interest to them, which makes sense, because you can’t introduce others to hair coloring if you know yourself that it will make their hair fall out. You should be able to be honest with your prospect in how well you like the products yourself and the results that you have gotten because they are going to want to then be honest with their prospects too. So find a business that has products that meet your needs, so when you get your results, you will have a passion of the products to then introduce to others. By having a passion for the products, you will find that your business will take off all on its own. It is a lot easier to introduce a product that works to others before getting started into the business is ever a thought. Once you try the products and you are sold on them, then you will be more apt to look at the business opportunity side for yourself. Which you should lead with could also depend on who or where the contact came from. If you are buying leads, where people have requested information on a home business opportunity, then you will most likely want to introduce the business up front with them. If you meet someone at an event or a meeting and your get on the topic of how your products could be a solution for them, then you will want to introduce them to the product; such as, your contact starts talking about the added extra weight that they have put on over the holidays and your products address weight issues. If you know someone who could use extra monthly in.e and they have time on their hands to invest in a home business opportunity, then leading with the business would be the most logical thing to do. Course if someone has a need for your product and could use the extra in.e too, then start with showing them the product line. If they can get excited about the products, then they will be willing to try them. Once they try the products and experience the results for themselves and are still excited with their product results, then show them the .pensation plan to get them excited in the business and how they can help others. A lot of home business .panies that have products, also have a monthly, automatic order requirement to purchase their products to be able to stay active, which means being able to earn in.e. For someone that got results from their product experience, is excited about the products and want to continue to get the same results, will continue to take the products and will gladly share the same information with others who might have the same interest. Leading with the product line or leading with the business might all depend on the need of the contact or where the contact came from originally. Different situations may also depend on which you should lead with. The most important is just taking action and getting the word out to other who could use your products or could use the extra in.e. Angela About the Author: Angela Estep, Life Style Mentor and Successful Entrepreneur, is helping many be.e the next success story. Whether you’re looking to create an extra few thousand dollars per month, be an ex-corporate executive, or the next millionaire Mom, Angela can assist you to create a second stream of in.e and greater peace of mind. visit : Entrepreneur Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: