Pregnant women will eat 12 kinds of food to ensure the supply of nutrients – maternal and child Sohu

12 kinds of food for pregnant women will eat to ensure maternal and child nutrition supply – Sohu from the beginning of a zygote into a mature fetus weighing 3 kilograms, in this 280 days, the nutrition supply of fetal growth and development all depend on the matrix. So when pregnant women must pay attention to the nutrition and food intake, take a look at the following 12 kinds of food that pregnant women will eat. Pregnant women will eat 12 kinds of food, 1, chestnut – to eliminate fatigue nutrients: folic acid, protein and amino acids, fats, vitamins. The fitness function: chestnut bones, eliminate fatigue, stomach and spleen, improve immunity, promote fetal development, treatment yaotuisuanruan, chronic diarrhea and other symptoms, to eliminate, to ease the mood. Special note: chestnuts can not eat with beef, otherwise it will cause vomiting. Pregnant women will eat 12 kinds of food 2, red dates – to enhance maternal immunity nutritional components: vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A. The effect of red dates: to promote fetal brain development, enhance maternal immunity, spleen and stomach, tranquilization, blood, blood pressure. Special note: raw, zaopi easily remain in the intestinal tract is not easy to discharge, so eating dates should spit jujube peel. 12 kinds of food for pregnant women will eat 3, radish — healthy little ginseng nutrients: carbohydrate, vitamin C, vitamin K, radish effect: Jianweixiaoshi, eye protection, sterilization, cold treatment, ventilation gas, fishy solution, prevent constipation. Special tips: radish spicy food, fasting should not be eaten raw, so as not to cause stomach cramps. 12 kinds of food for pregnant women will eat 4, lemon — appropriate nutrients fruity: citric acid, vitamin C, vitamins, trace elements: Lemon effect tocolysis, relieve hypertension, beauty, calcium, iron, blood glucose. Special note: Lemon due to taste acid, liver deficiency pregnant women can eat more. Citric acid has a strong bactericidal effect on food hygiene is very good. As nutritional components of 12 kinds of food for pregnant women will eat 5, beef – meat: high quality protein, zinc, iron, folic acid, beef iron, beneficial effect: the intellectual development of the fetus, treatment of chronic diarrhea and edema, enhance immunity, supplement necessary folic acid in pregnancy. Special note: beef is not easily cooked rotten, cooking can be placed in a hawthorn, which can be easily rotten piece or a little orange peel tea. Pregnant women will eat 12 kinds of food, 6 grapes: Queen of fruit nutrients: carbohydrate, anthocyanins, resveratrol and various minerals grape effect: diuresis, detumescence, tocolysis, anemia, decreased gastric acid, cholagogue, antiviral, kill bacteria, accumulation of calcium, invigorating brain nerve, detoxification, emotion regulation. Special note: grapes are best taken two days after the food, because just picked grapes will produce a large amount of gas in the small intestine. The best choice of nutritional components of pregnant women will eat 12 kinds of food, 7 of pregnant women: yogurt – lactic acid bacteria, protein, vitamins and minerals yogurt efficacy: enhance immunity, eliminate constipation, promote the absorption of nutrients, regulating the intestinal environment, stop diarrhea.相关的主题文章: