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.puters-and-Technology With the new curriculum reform experiments and modern teaching techniques to promote the use of multimedia-assisted teaching has gradually into the English classroom, which will undoubtedly note the reform of English teaching into a new vitality. The bell has gone off in the 21st century, we have entered the digital information age. Classroom from the traditional "cognitive, instilling type, closed, uniform-type" start to "visual, hearing, saying" teaching paradigm shift. Achieve active participation of students in English class, harmonious and efficient, active development , focus on training students to use the ability to .municate in English to be reflected in the classroom, listening, speaking, reading and writing training to strengthen humanities education thought was penetration. PowerPoint software is widely used in windows environment, presentation authoring tool software. It provides a powerful authoring tool that includes 100 kinds of templates (Template), these templates are experts in the design presentation, the teacher can select a template as the basis for making slides, and according to their own needs to be modified, and then type presentation of the content, so everything from scratch than to facilitate the easier will help simplify the process of preparation of teachers. PowerPoint to video converter will absolutely a best option, it can design convert PowerPoint to video converter , (you can also turn your lesson presentation into DVD by using PowerPint to DVD converter )and it makes this easy for every teacher. PowerPoint, each slide can have a title (Title), text (Test), graphics (Graphs), draw the object (Object), geometry (Shape), Clip Art Pictures (ClipArt), and created by other applications charts, images and so on. Control functions using PowerPoint, connecting directly to the big screen projector presentation, resulting in a kind of illustrations, and colorful interactive way, which is important for the teaching process. It can effectively stimulate student interest in learning so that students have a strong desire to learn, to form the motivation to learn. With the active participation of students possible, and not all arranged by the teachers and students can only passively accept. By cognitive learning theory perspective, human knowledge is not directly given to external stimuli, but external stimulation and human interaction of internal psychological processes, and must help students develop initiative, enthusiasm, in order to obtain a valid cognition. The active participation to the initiative for students, their initiative to create a very good condition, that can truly reflect the role of student cognitive subject. In the use of PowerPoint in the process of teaching, some teachers there is misunderstanding. I talk about this issue a few superficial opinion. First, the blind pursuit of the English classroom demonstration effect. Multimedia assisted instruction in the process, teachers should play a leading role, the teacher in English class is the role of .puting machine is not some of the features can not be replaced. Such as: English class at the beginning of the helper a few minutes of oral reports or student exchanges, training of the students heard a good way. In order to indulge in the pursuit of multimedia courseware in the classroom demonstration, described by teachers as part of the content into media presentations; high-quality courses and sometimes even spend a lot of .petitions but also to whether the media presentation as a necessary condition. However, we must clearly understand that English is a very practical language learning, the classroom must be a lot of .munication between teachers and students of the English language. Students to use the ability to .municate in English language to get training. We should remember: any time we are for the use of teaching tools, rather than to use the tools of teaching. Therefore, PowerPoint presentations should depend on the timing and quantity of classroom teaching needs. Tips: for teachers: convert PowerPoint to video for daily teaching is so essential. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: