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Powder Gospel: the official HDMI release for USB-Type C transfer standard Phoenix technology news recently, HDMI Chartered Company today announced HDMI founder HDMI USB-Type C specification for switching mode of development, which has the function of HDMI source device using USB-Type C connector can be directly connected to the display device with HDMI function. Conference site changed in a sentence, all containing the USB-Type C interface devices such as mobile phone, Mac, Apple’s tablet computer, through an adapter output signal to the display device with HDMI function before, now do not need to use the adapter, direct use of a cable can be achieved. This cable is suitable for USB-Type C, the other end adapter HDMI socket, not the same as with the previous HDMI line. According to the conference site mentioned in the message, HDMI transfer mode will support all HDMI functions such as 1.4b, 4K, 3D resolution, audio return channel, high bandwidth digital content protection, HDMI Ethernet channel and consumer electronic equipment control. Principle diagram at the scene of the introduction of HDMI Chartered Company President Rob Tobias said the reason to make such a change, because the current USB-Type C interface has become the mainstream of mobile devices, in order to allow these devices to easily connect to HDMI function display, the sustained growth of HDMI product shipments, HDMI launched this is a product of this specification it will attract more source equipment with HDMI equipment, in order to facilitate consumer recognition and convenient to use, each cable will have HDMI logo. This change is a good news for the USB-Type C interface device users, especially Apple users, as everyone knows, Apple users especially Mac fans, at the time of presentation is always need to take extra HDMI adapter, now this interface specification release, use USB-Type with the C interface equipment will be more convenient.相关的主题文章: