Port Hope Residents Have Hope In Lowering Toxic Radiation Levels.-97179

Health Port Hope has hope for tackling it’s radiation issue. There is a solution that I’ve .e up with if you read further. While certain people in Port Hope believe the solution to the problem of toxic radiation exists in denial, there are many others who want to address the health risk. There have been attempts by Port Hope’s self appointed spokespersons to downplay the significance of radiation levels in order to protect their finacial interests. In my opinion there is a solution that will resolve both economic impact as well as health issues. Port Hope toxic radiation worries need to be addressed with a solution that involves the health of it’s residents. The solution was invented by Everett Storey who Albert Einstein had called a genius in his day. Everret Storey who was a prominent figure during World War II, invented the water splitting technology which separated hydrogen molecules from the water. This invention which made the hydrogen bomb a reality was later used by Everett to develop a formula which saved his own life from toxic radiation poisoning. The same formula is now used today and is available on the market. It’s called CellFood and many people are now living healthy lives because of it. What if Port Hope residents went on CellFood first, then have themselves tested? Their toxic radiation levels would then be well below the national average and they will then be able to claim Port Hope as a safe place to visit or live. If anything I would like to see this information ending up in the hands of Port Hope residents so they may make healthy choices about there environment. A plan is currently being developed to have 100 Port Hope residents add CellFood to there diet in order to test it’s effect on reducing toxic radiation levels. For this to be a valid study, participating Port Hope residents will be having their levels of toxic radiation tested before, during and after being on CellFood. Although there is still no set date as to when this plan will launch some residents have already started using the CellFood. Toxic Radiation concerns in Port Hope will be.e a forgotten issue once this CellFood supplimentation plan goes full-scale. Once the test results go public demonstrating 100 out of 100 people showing a marked reduction in toxic radiation levels, the perception of Port Hope will change. Port Hope will no longer be seen as a hazardous place to live. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have reported a significant reduction of side effects while using CellFood in conjunction with their radioactive treatment. Part of chemotherapy involves ingesting a radioactive substance which causes many undesirable side effects. The cancer patient is internally subjected to radiation treatment which in effect is also poisoning his body with the same radiation. While using the CellFood the body is able to efficiently flush out the toxic radiation which normally causes undesirable side effects. I am angry that politics and propaganda prevents CellFood from easily be.ing a mainstream part of cancer patient treatment. What makes it so difficult is the insurmountable beaureaucratic FDA obstacles which favor the pharmaceutical over all alternate forms of treatment. Doctors are encouraged not to let you know that products such as CellFood exist. It’s a tragedy that cancer patients are being poisoned with toxic radiation and having to undergo its adverse effects when treatments such as CellFood are available which are known to alleviate it’s effects. In conclusion, the concern with toxic radiation in Port Hope has already been having an adverse effect on land values and business due to it’s media attention. What better way to repair the situation then to deal with it head on and openly? A way to start the process is to simply have a group of 100 residents agree to be tested before and after using CellFood to remove the toxic radiation from themselves. Who should pay for this? The .pany whose toxic radiation is at the center of causing the problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: