Please set these bad habits you can quit photography htc802w

Please set these bad habits you can quit photography? Although each camera has automatic files, but want to shoot a wonderful picture, but also the need for long-term practice and a wealth of practical experience. However, in the long photography Road, will inevitably come into contact with a variety of photographic Raiders, it is inevitable to develop some bad habits. What habits are not easy to be taken seriously, but not conducive to the study and development of photography, we look at these bad habits, which do you have? And don’t take CPL as a good filter method used for UV photography friends, always with a variety of filters, that began to buy for the camera lens, will be "recommended" a piece of UV, sometimes with a few pieces of CPL and ND mirror. For some of my friends are UV filters, not from the body, for the beginning of the use of CPL friends, is a kind of feeling, to find a new. But the use of CPL is the most error prone CPL filter, you really use? The tripod is photographic filters and three use the highest rate of two kinds of accessories, but the filter function is not necessarily everyone understand CPL bad habits don’t CPL when UV is not good, long hang CPL actually uses a very simple, for the removal of a lot of reflection; reflective effect after removal, can enhance the color saturation, can let the sky bluer, the clouds can make more clear. However, the principle of CPL is only to eliminate polarized light, so CPL is not omnipotent scenery filters, but can not be screwed on the lens of time. Some friends believe that the scenery shooting, with CPL quality will certainly be better, so just go out to play, it screwed on the CPL, whether or not the real needs, which is actually a variety of advertising brainwashed. For CPL, first of all, we need to know which scenes can not be used. CPL is the most long contact everyone except UV filters, but also use the highest error rate filter can not use the CPL scene: portrait; not suitable for the night, the stars shooting scene. When shooting portraits, CPL makes people face gloss lost or dim, is often our "big yellow, so the portrait is not use CPL. In addition, all of the CPL have the effect of reducing light, so the original light on the need for more exposure to the environment, such as night, the sky, etc., is not suitable for the use of CPL. When shooting portraits, if you use CPL, can make facial hair and lose luster, common bad habit appears sallow CPL: never to twist direction. For CPL, a more deadly, a lot of friends to CPL as UV in the lens when shooting, twist on the matter. CPL whether it is used to eliminate the reflection, or dark sky, each shot, different angles, you need to rotate CPL to get better results. If only the CPL screw, and sometimes not only can not play the effect of improving the screen, but it will be counterproductive. Sometimes, the use of CPL properly, the most common consequence is that not only let the sky darkened, and it is easy to cause the fault in the late in the sky color. Different.相关的主题文章: