Pfizer’s $14 billion acquisition of Maddie’s high premium can make it hard up remonstrate

Pfizer’s $14 billion acquisition of Maddie’s high premium can make it hard to raise up to $14 billion premium can let Viagra giant Pfizer hard up? Wang Xueqiao Li Ling Pfizer (Pfizer) once again created a huge acquisition, the local time on Monday (22 days) announced $14 billion in cash, the average price of $81.5 per share, for the acquisition of Mehdi Vee Xun (Medi-vation). See the price of M & A case of eight or nine from the ten, Pfizer’s stock price is not as crazy as it rose in theory, only a slight rise of only a small day on the day, and soon fell back to the other side of the market, the market value of the stock market is only about 0.72%. After all, people familiar with Pfizer have been too familiar with the world’s first pharmaceutical companies routines, continuous acquisitions, increasing the pipeline, in order to maintain the confidence of investors. And this way can continue? Last year, Pfizer’s $17 billion acquisition of Hos-pira news, the stock market trading in the New York market before the plate can rise by 1.7%. The acquisition of Maddie Wei Xun news two days later, another small molecule antibiotics business acquisition AstraZeneca’s message, there is no ripples. The acquired Mehdi Vee Xun, this year has been for large pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Gilead, new medium enterprises in the bid list, Sanofi is two times for "low bid" by Maddie Wei Xun refused. The reason why so sought after, because Maddie’s hand holding a best-selling prostate cancer drug Xtandi, there are two in the pipeline. The Pfizer bidding prices Friday before Mehdi Vee Xun’s share price is about 21% higher than the announcement, which played right into Mehdi Vee Xun’s hands, the CEODavidHung had forthrightly said that companies sell in a high premium case. It looks like both sides have made a profit in this business. Maddie Wei finally came to the ideal price, Pfizer will be the star of the product into its own product system of Mehdi Vee Xun. But the question has not ended, the biggest controversy from the high premium of $14 billion, a huge price can exchange the expected growth? Pfizer has purchased more than one or two times over the past 15 years, the company has spent at least $260 billion acquisition of 20 large and small pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies earlier this year to buy Ana-cor price than the previous closing price premium of 55%. The large-scale mergers and acquisitions that Pfizer has been ranked the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, but in recent years, one after another encounter setbacks and even better at M & R & D, marketing Pfizer will stop the decline since the beginning of 2010, now Pfizer, like forty years encounter problems. The acquisition price is not only more than 13 of Maddie Weber’s share price, but also more than its 2017 market is expected to sell the price of 11 times, as well as Pfizer revenue of 4.5 times. The face of high prices questioned, Pfizer headquarters of the Economic Observer newspaper said in response, they think it is "appropriate" price, Maddie Wei Xun almost all the drugs are drugs is the latest outcome of cancer treatment, just joined Pfizer’s existing solid tumor and tumor immunotherapy product family. theory相关的主题文章: