Part of the network about the car when the taxi control or generate power rent-seeking (video) xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

In some places the network about the car when the taxi control or abuse of power network about the new car before landing official said the private car operators is still "black" according to the Interim Measures for the Xinhua News Agency announced the upcoming car management grid about "full moon", but the formulation of local rules is slow. Recently, some places have been published about the network of car management rules of the draft, in the access threshold, operating mode to make strict restrictions, causing controversy. Public concern, the network will be on the road taxi management management. Part of the local network management rules strictly according to the understanding about the car, currently Lanzhou, Ji’nan and other places have been to the society or groups of taxi drivers on the net about car detailed rules for the implementation of the advice from the disclosure of the local comments version, although different characteristics, but on the net about the car number, operation standard with strict threshold. Lanzhou City Transportation Department official said, Lanzhou will strictly control the size of the network about the car development. According to estimates, Lanzhou city vehicle saturation to be around 15 thousand, while the current ownership of Lanzhou city taxi 10 thousand vehicles, plus the government in the next two years in the taxi efforts should reach 12 thousand. According to this calculation, leaving the net about the number of cars is only about 3000. According to the views of the program in Ji’nan, the network about the car or be limited to B class car, but also to spray the proprietary logo. According to the interim measures, the network about the vehicle mileage reached 600 thousand km forced retirement, mileage is not up to 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, about the exit of the car business. Associate professor of China University of Political Science and Law Wang Jun believes that once the local government departments to take strict control of the number of vehicles around the network and tariff control, the network is about the same as the traditional taxi. Limit the number of network about cars or will generate rent-seeking network comments about the car policy of the local version of the disclosure of so many people, the driver and the experts expressed concern that some people think that these rules did not reflect the spirit of brewing in the Ministry of communications and the state office document and share the characteristics of the economy, and to control the way back to the taxi. Wang Xin, vice president of Ji’nan, said the company, Lanzhou, some of the specific provisions of the draft version of the opinions contrary to the interim measures. For example, the requirements of the network about the uniform identification of the car, providing taxi invoices, as well as 6 years as a taxi exit, which can not find the relevant basis in the interim measures. The limit of the number of vehicles around the network, the requirements of models and prices must be higher than the taxi, by the government pricing, followed by the number of taxi industry, price control ideas. Some local network about the owners also worried about the number of vehicles around the network limit caused by speculation and rent-seeking behavior. "Now, Lanzhou city network about the car has more than 10 thousand vehicles, if not to control in the 3000 car size, one hand will take away the majority of net about car drivers’ jobs, on the other hand will make the network become a hot plate about scarce resources. Whether this will create conditions for power rent-seeking, corruption?" Lanzhou citizens Chen told reporters about their concerns. Has been using the network about car travel Hefei citizens Chen Mengyang said: whether it is to limit the number of models or to be higher than the taxi, will inevitably lead to a reduction of the number of vehicles available for public choice. In addition, once the network about the price of the car is significantly higher than the taxi, the people will travel.相关的主题文章: