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Painless childbirth pain does not hurt? – the birth of life by the Sohu is a happy and proud experience for women. But pregnant and pregnant expectant mothers will always have such distress, whether it is straight or split…… Do children really like that film and television works and the surrounding hardly wished to live. "from" about? In fact, in the United States, women choose painless childbirth accounted for 85%, up to 90% in the UK, however, China’s implementation of painless childbirth is less than 1%. You may have heard a lot of ways to ease the pain of childbirth, such as "breathing pain reduction", "labor analgesia", "water delivery", but in the end which is more suitable for yourself? Painless childbirth can really painless? For children, mothers have no impact, what are the benefits? Wanliu amcare anesthesiology experts with you face to face talk about "painless childbirth" sequence of events, revealing the mystery of it, can choose the delivery hospital prospective parents a helping hand! Talk time: September 3, 2016 Saturday afternoon, 14:00-16:00 address: Willow amcare women’s and children’s Hospital Medical Center (Haidian District Willow Road No. 7) recruits: 20 groups prepare pregnant and 12 weeks of pregnancy, prospective parents process: 13:30 sign, 14:00 lectures, answering questions, visit the hospital registration: click the end [text reading] in "I want to participate in the remarks," name + phone + pregnant week of pregnancy". Listen: fathers have the opportunity to welfare field experience pain in childbirth + $1575 worth of free pregnancy check card + exquisite gift a! The lecturer Wang Juan Wanliu amcare women and children’s Hospital of Anesthesiology attending physician. With a sincere heart to treat patients with pain, with solid professional skills to resolve the patient’s pain and danger. Graduated from the Department of Anesthesiology, Hebei Medical University, in the top three hospitals for nearly ten years, has been engaged in clinical anesthesia. Specializes in spinal anesthesia, general anesthesia, regional anesthesia anesthesia methods, familiar with a variety of common surgical diseases of the anesthetic treatment, especially in obstetrics and Gynecology anesthesia, understanding of maternal psychological. The problems in obstetrics and gynecology operation and the critical situation can be handled skillfully. Service attitude and quality are well received by patients and colleagues.相关的主题文章: