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UnCategorized We’ve all been teased at some point in our lives. There’s the harmless teasing that .es with a sparkle in the eye and you know it’s being done in fun. And then there is the teasing that is harmful, the kind that is done to embarrass someone. Someone is making fun of another kid. It can be about many things, maybe they wear glasses, or have braces, they may be overweight, or stutter. It really doesn’t matter the reason for being teased. Teasing is so very painful for the one being teased. Teasing is belittling, hurtful, and demeaning. Life just isn’t fair for these kids being teased. They feel like no one likes them, they feel friendless, unlikeable and that these feelings will last forever. Most of the time they don’t even know why they are being picked on or singled out; they just know it makes them sad and sometimes angry. They haven’t done anything to provoke what is happening to them. Oftentimes the child will be home watching TV or doing something and a parent will ask them to stop and put something away and they lash out saying you don’t love me. It could be just a minor request and you have no idea what just happened. When you notice a mood change or behavior change it’s a good indication that you need to sit down with your child and investigate what is going on in that head of theirs. To open the door of conversation, let them know that you want to understand what just happened. They may not want to talk about it since they are so upset, but you need to make them understand you care and want to help. Try to get them to tell you about it. As they are explaining listen carefully. By hearing what they say took place without interrupting is crucial to gaining their trust. Listen until they are done explaining before offering advice. Once you have heard everything that took place, acknowledge your child’s feelings by empathizing with them. You could say something like, "I can see how their teasing made you feel embarrassed and hurt". You could tell them about a time when you were a kid and how you felt when you were teased. That way they will know that you do understand since it happened to you. It’s important that your child feels that you really understand how they feel before beginning to solve the problem. Once you have their confidence .e up with a plan of action. Involve them in figuring out how to solve the teasing problem. This will help them develop problem solving skills and develop confidence. Talk with your child about the reasons why someone would tease them. There are many reasons some could be: * The teaser is really unhappy and wants someone else to be unhappy. Somehow teasing make them feel better. * To make themselves feel more important or popular, because they are insecure. Putting someone down gives them a sense of power and makes them feel better. * To feel like they are in control of someone. By teasing they feel they are in control. * It’s the way they have been treated. * They are angry or hurt themselves and it’s their way of dealing with it. * Their family life might not be very good, and they resent the fact that your family life appears great. * They feel socially accepted by going along with the crowd. * They have older brothers or sisters that tease them, so they imitate them to make them feel more mature. You get the idea. Even though your child is the one being teased and hurt, usually the person doing the teasing has issues they don’t know how to deal with. They are looking for a reaction that shows they have power over your child. If you convey the fact that those who tease have problems and are not as great as they seem. This may help your child to better handle the situation when it occurs again. Once they understand the reasons why some people like to make fun of others, you can go into a plan of action. Explain that just because your child can’t control the teasing, how they respond can greatly affect the out.e. A couple ways for your child to respond to teasing are: * The tried and true step of ignoring the teasing and walking away. Explain that if the teaser doesn’t get the reaction they are looking for they may stop the teasing. It is the reaction they are after. This is a really hard thing to do. * Tell your child to stand up for yourself. When teased tell them to be firm and give a feeling statement. Ask the teaser to please stop teasing me and walk off. An example would be, "I don’t like it when you call me names; it makes me feel bad, please stop" and then walk away. Somehow .e up with the appropriate words that your child knows they can say firmly that will .municate how they feel and to ask the teaser to stop and direct them to walk away. It will take more than a couple times to make this work. You will need to explain that it is really important for them not to react. This is really hard even for adults to ac.plish, but it will work. Let them know its okay for them to let you know if it’s not working. Or if they are having trouble ignoring the teasing and they react. You might suggest that you can role play with them to help gain confidence. Whatever you do assure them that they can .e to you if it happens again. If they are still being teased let them know that you can talk to their parents or to the school if it is occurring at school. Sometimes kids don’t want parents or teachers involved because they think things will get worse. You can also help your child by finding activities that they enjoy. By doing this they will meet other friends that will help their confidence grow. There are many programs available for kids in all sorts of interests. Involving your child in the problem solving steps will have untold benefits as they grow and develop into adults. All through life we have difficult people to learn to deal with, it doesn’t stop when we graduate. By working through these problems together you will be helping them to develop self-confidence, problem solving skills, and people skills that will help them long after the teasing has stopped. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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UnCategorized Many people assume that propylene glycol is toxic. What they do not realize is how often it is used in very .mon things and we do not even realize it. In this article we are going to discuss what propylene glycol is and what some of its uses are. Well first it is important to know what it is. It is colorless and sweet liquid it is also thick and sticky. Unlike antifreeze which is also a sweet colorless liquid propylene glycol is safe. It is safe for humans and it is also safe for the environment. It is actually used in some food products. It is used for food colorings. It is used as a solvent for the food coloring. It is used as an additive to foods and also it used as a preservative to help stop the food from freezing. Some of the foods that you may eat everyday have it in it. Some of those foods are fat-free ice cream, salad dressings, sour cream and cake mixes. For women that use cosmetics that has propylene glycol in it as well. For example it is found in your lipstick. You can even find it in shaving cream. It is great for lotions because it helps get the thru your skin to help give it the most moisture. Some of the everyday things that you use have it in it. For example you can find it in your shampoo you can also find it in your deodorant. You can even find it in your laundry detergent and your household cleaning products. I can go on about how we use this product in our everyday life. But it has many other benefits other than as preservatives in food and in cosmetics and lotions. It works very well as a heat transfer fluid and it is not harmful to the environment. It works great as a secondary refrigerant. The reason that it works so well is because if something were to happen and some of the fluid leaked on to the food in would not be toxic. It works as just as great of a low corrosive as ethylene glycol but propylene glycol is safer to be around food products. It is a little more expensive but it will save you money in the long run because you will have fewer refrigerant leaks due to substantially less refrigerant piping, also it has as much as 75 to 80% reduction in the primary refrigerant charge. So you will have less service calls. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Web-Development Apple Inc. has always been a market leader when it .es to innovation in the field of smartphones and tablets. While Android OS has given Apple stiff .petition, the .pany isnt one to stop and ponder. It is innovative and lives by working on newer technologies. The iPad from the trusted stable of Apple has been a show-stealer in the tablet market encouraging several players to venture into iPad app development. There are thousands of iPad apps that are listed in iTunes and many more are being added every day. If you are also one of the new.ers who want to establish your foothold in the bustling iPad market, you should start by knowing a few important things about iPad app development. Get a Mac The most essential requirement to be.e an iPad app developer is to get a Mac. Since you are aiming to build an app for the Apple operating system, it is only obvious that you use a Mac for the purpose. If you do not have a Mac, the first thing you should do is invest in one. Play with Development Tools – For the beginners it is essential that they play around with the development tools that help build an iPad app. The official app development platform is called Xcode and it can be freely downloaded. However, Xcode is different from Eclipse and Visual Studio so you would need time to get the hand of it. Know Programming Languages – Xcode uses Objective-C and thus it is more or less important that you know Objective-C. Additionally you should also know basic programming languages such as C++ and Java. However, if you do not know Objective-C, the other easy alternative is using Corona, the LUA language. The other alternatives include using HTML5, MonoTouch, Titanium, and PhoneGap. Understand the Features of iPad There are several things in iPad that are new or different. One of these things is the enlarged screen size. If you are thinking that developing an iPad app is similar to developing an iPhone app you are quite wrong. In order to get acquainted with the features of iPad, it is a good practice to first use iPad and run several apps on it. Create a Developer Account If you are serious about iPad app development and want to .mercially run it, you will have to get a developer account with iTunes. Using the developer account, you can submit your app to the iTunes app store. However, it takes time to create an account. See What Sells To make a .mercial iPad app, you should first know what sells. Check out the iTunes app store and see what are the different kinds of app listed on the page. Remember that iPad has very limited GPS support so you should not concentrate on developing GPS-based apps. iPad apps can be.e very popular if you know how to develop the app properly. For a new.er, it is best to take time and build the app. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Health Such a fascinating topic. It appears we’re just beginning to realise the potential of hypnosis, yet it’s been used for hundreds of years.What follows is a quick snapshot of hypnosis through the years, and you might find yourself quite intrigued by a few of its uses. Hypnosis as a term was coined by James Braid in 1841, but before that had been known as Mesmerism. The main reason Braid choose to update the name was because of new understandings in the way hypnosis really works. Practitioners of Mesmerism thought that it was down to some unique knowledge or power they held, that people entered the trance like state. It was Braid who discovered that the Mesmerist did not hold any power, but rather the trance resulted because of that which was going on inside the subject’s mind. One of the first people to promote self-hypnosis was Emile Coue. The work reinforced and complimented the findings of Braid in the years before him. The model of hypnosis being a self controlled state, in place of one reliant on the all powerful hypnotist was now becoming more popular. This opened the doors for people to experiment with techniques to enrich their minds with suggestions for change. Near the end of the 19th century, Professor Sigmond Freud started experimenting with hypnosis as a means to speed up his psychoanalysis work, many were shocked when he announced he felt it had little benefit. His family are reported to have said that, toward the end of his life reported that he definitely wouldn’t have stopped experimenting with hypnotherapy, if he had known and understood the potential of it earlier in his career. Doctor Milton Erickson 1901 – 1980 pioneered a kind of hypnosis called indirect hypnosis, which has influenced many hypnotists today. This method was very different to the direct approach of hypnotherapy and was used with patients who struggled to achieve hypnosis. Stage hypnotist Dave Elman, who became a massive figure in hypnosis around the same time, used a much more authoritative approach compared to Milton Erickson. Elman was famous for the kind of rapid and powerful methods, which are still used today. He excelled when teaching those in the medical profession in the use of hypnotic anaesthesia, many of his approaches are often used to this day for painless childbirth and in the field of hypnotherapy. A hypnotist who had a profound influence on many people was Ormond McGill, who died in 2005. Best known as ‘The Dean of American Hypnosis’, he wrote a series of classic books about stage hypnosis. He was best known for his stage hypnosis work, however he was also very skilled as a hypnotherapist as well. The founder of Transforming Therapy was Gil Boyne, who died in 2010. Gil Boyne expanded on Elman and Erickson’s discoveries, and expanded on them to create the regression hypnotherapy many use today. Many would say that Gil Boyne was a great leader in the field of effective hypnotheraputic techniques. Alive today, there is an abundance of valuable people involved in the area of hypnosis, way too many to mention in this article. Due to the internet, there is an ever increasing amount of interaction between practitioners, which has given rise to innovative approaches in the treatment of physical illness, for example M.S. and cancer, as well as the established interventions areas of smoking and weight loss. About the Author: hypnotherapy services, then take a minute to visit our website and see if we have what you’re after. We have been developing products several years in the self-hypnosis field, and genuinely care about helping people to get more control in their lives using the methods we recommend. Check out .hypnosisindublin.ie and check out our downloads section. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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Real-Estate There are several reasons why people choose to buy a second property abroad. Ownership of property outside the UK is increasing in popularity. Fuelled partly by lower house prices and better climates, and made more favourable still by low-cost airlines, the appeal of a second property abroad is understandable. Once the preserve of the rich, a holiday home in Spain, Portugal, France or anywhere in the world for that matter, can now be acquired easily by the majority of the UK population. There are three top reasons that people choose to buy a property abroad: To live permanently in a new country Some people move abroad for work, whilst others choose to retire outside the UK. Moving to a new country on a permanent basis is a challenge and a risk, and so many people choose to buy a property abroad, whilst keeping their UK home and renting it out. This means that they have somewhere to .e back to should things not work out as planned. For many, moving to a new country is one of the best experiences of their life. The chance to live in a new culture; learning the language, eating new foods and soaking up the sun, is exactly what people are looking for. To have a permanent holiday base Some people like nothing more than the security of having a permanent holiday base. You know where to go, what shops are available, where the best beaches are and what attractions are nearby. You dont have to waste any of your holiday time getting acclimatised and your ac.modation is a home-from-home. Whats more, you can visit it as often as you like throughout the year, and you can invite friends and family to .e along and enjoy the holiday with you, or lend it to them so that they have a ready-made holiday base of their own. To rent to other holidaymakers Many people choose to cover the costs of buying and running their property abroad by renting it out. There are two main ways to do this; hiring an agent to rent the property on your behalf, or handling all the rentals yourself. An agent will take a percentage fee, but will handle all the bookings, cleaning and maintenance of your property. If you manage the rentals on your own, you will need to find someone trustworthy who can clean and prepare the property for your customers and handle any issues that arise when people are staying in your property. Renting is a very effective way to cover costs, and even to make a profit, but you have to limit the times when you can use the property and be prepared for damage and wear and tear to increase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Business The degree technology is changing is as fast as the ever growing speeds that next generation superfast wireless broadband networks are going. The world’s biggest carriers have already started making moves towards the next generation of wireless technologies called 4G wherein LTE or Long Term Evolution is the mainly prominent. However, this is happening despite the fact that current 3G or third generation wireless technologies have only penetrated only 14 percent of the world’s 5.12 Billion cell phone subscribers. The number of 3G subscribers is growing a little over 50 million a month as of September of 2010, much of which are attributed to the deployment of 3G in newer markets such as China, India and Brazil. Growing demand for faster upload and download speeds and larger bandwith capacities are probably behind this push that could change the manner we view technology forever. The Battle Between The Standards The evolution of mobile phone standards is categorized based on the download and upload rates for data transfer. The prevailing technology in wide distribution right now is 3G which is short for the third generation of wireless .munication technologies. 3G provides faster transfer rates not only for voice signals but also for non-voice data allowing multimedia applications such as video telephony to be used more practically. But as soon as 3G technologies are rolled out, new releases in the technology followed suit including HSDPA or High-Speed Downlink Packet Access or what is also known as 3GPP release 5 and HSUPA or 3GPP release 6. Eventually, these protocols are also being upgraded to HSPA or High Speed Packet Access. HSPA can be used for most GSM frequencies giving users more flexibility and universal roaming capabilities. The world has just begun to see the wonders HSPA is bringing and here .es another upgrade in the form of LTE or Long Term Evolution. With another technology called WiMax, LTE is considered the 4G or fourth generation of wireless technologies. It’s architecture is focused on Internet Protocol (IP) and is designed to facilitate easier Internet access through cellular phones and further mobile devices. TeliaSonera was the first to make LTE available to the public in Stockholm and Oslo but prior to that the European .mission made announcements that it will invest much in the research and development of LTE and 4G systems. The United States plans to follow suit with MetroPCS, Verizon and AT&T made similar pronouncements to convert their networks to 4G. Right now, there is still a scarceness of LTE-enabled devices but among these include tablet PCs and other portable .puters. These tablets and netbooks have dual mode capabilities and can run on either HSPA and LTE networks. As more and more networks continue to shift towards these new 4G technologies, it would be a wise decision for you as a reseller to focus your investments towards devices designed with these technologies in mind. Enter the Tablet One device that you should set your eyes on as an online reseller is the tablet personal .puter. A portable .puter with a touchscreen as its central input device, tablets provide the mobility of mobile phones and the power of laptops in one stylish device. It is different from a personal .puter in the sense that it has no physical keyboard but uses an onscreen virtual alternative. Tablets also use low-powered hardware .ponents and are not designed for use with demanding power applications. Contrasting smartphones, tablet PCs are also not mobile phones although they are designed for Internet and local network connection. Tablets have built in Wi-Fi capabilities as well as 3G / 4G connectivity. This enables the tablet to connect to the internet through any hotspot or if this is not on hand can connect through the mobile 3G/4G network at extra costs. Tablets are preferred by people who want to access the Internet on the go but are not familiar with the small screen and limited capabilities of smartphones. Conversely, later and newer models of tablets will be designed as a .plete .munications solution and will have the same functionality and features as mobile phone handsets using interchangeable 3G or 4G connectivity capabilities. Evermore people are into online streaming video even while on the go and tablets using the faster LTE .work would be the perfect device to present them with such capabilities – as well as make phone calls. Right now the tablet industry is occupied by a few original equipment manufacturers such as the Apple iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet. People who are looking for alternative devices from China may possibly find a wind variety of products available such the APads or ePads or similar variations using Google’s Android system. There may possibly still be some problems with 3G or 4G connectivity with these Chinese products as these standards are just beginning to take off in new markets such as China and India. As a reseller, you should be well conscious of this existing limitation and should carefully ask about the 3G or 4G capabilities of these devices particularly with regards to their operating frequencies. However, with the rate of development China-made products are being churned out, it would just be a matter of months before full pledged 3G and 4G tablets with the same functionality and features as branded ones will be made to be had in the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: