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Treasure the mother in the class group to say such a thing, the opposition is not that also scolded the mother | Jun – Sohu cheats this season cold and cough, particularly children, many children have to leave kindergarten. Recently, Xiao Han’s daughter also coughed, good day, the evening will cough a few, but little did not give her daughter to leave korea. But from a personal point of view, Xiao Han in the class group asked why it to leave, is not a very serious problem, did not have a fever is not a bad cough, should let the children go to kindergarten, if a sick leave will let the child feel that the truancy truant, primary school how to do? Xiao Han believes that the child is sick can go to kindergarten, or the child at home, the child does not know how to spend the day, as well as to school more exercise, exercise, the condition may be better faster. Xiao Han did not think, that has been almost all parents oppose. Many parents feel that if the child is not afraid of cross infection, infection to other children, but also afraid of the child’s good slow, repeated infection. Some parents say small Hantai selfish, give children too much pressure. Now is the time to play, sick should not be able to go to the nursery to infect other children at home. And children are now home and kindergarten perception is not strong, learning habits mainly in grade two, when it is time for children to grow sensitive. More parents directly burst foul language, say a lot of bad words. Xiao Han after listening to both sad and hesitate, should not give up their own point of view, listen to their words, the child home is actually a lot of women have problems, children are sick, should go to the kindergarten? The parents should analyze specific issues. If the child is a chronic disease with mild cold or non infectious, good mental state, appetite and as usual, suggested that parents send their children to go to school, so you can transfer the child’s attention, relieve the discomfort. Of course, if the parents have time and energy to accompany the child, the child can stay at home. If the child is a bad cold, fever, or some infectious diseases, you must stay at home to rest, go to see a doctor. After the child is sick, to tell the child that everyone has a task, let the child give up relying on adults, has been at home thinking. ———————— children caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章:

Do not be afraid of bad guys, check meter Tesla new product so you do not have to pay electricity bi-pppd-175

Do not be afraid of bad guys "meter" Tesla’s new product so that you do not have to pay the electricity bill of your family’s monthly electricity costs? You may say that I am not bad money, but you know that China’s thermal power is one of the main sources of haze, and you use electricity is also caused by global warming, rising sea levels, the Arctic Circle disappeared, such as a pile of influence. Tesla is ready to give you a "atonement" method. Recently, Tesla in the United States released its own solar roof and the second generation of Powerwall (energy wall), users of these devices can produce their own production of electricity, but also no longer pay the electricity bill. This PowerWall white is a big battery, pasted on the walls of the room, the capacity is 14kWh, the maximum power is 7kW, than for a generation of products has doubled, but the volume is reduced by 40%. It is priced at $5500 and is now ready for acceptance. A battery can meet the basic needs of electricity in the 3 bedroom family, all the sockets can be connected to the home network. If you have more demand, such as the home for disco, you can also install more PowerWall. The solar roof is more interesting, it usually see that blue solar panels are different from ours, Tesla’s roof looks and common roof is, after the installation of the whole house is still beautiful, is not a bit awkward, the so-called "real science and technology is to let people feel the presence of technology". Tesla solar roof adopts special structure design, the outside is a layer of quartz glass, a flexible interlayer in the middle, below is a high efficiency photovoltaic cell. This design allows the roof to adjust the height of the installation in accordance with the sun angle, and it is more durable than ordinary asphalt roof, or even produce heat, melt the accumulation of snow in winter, as usual. Musk said it would be cheaper to install than the normal roof and lower the cost of electricity. Tesla will sell the roof directly, rather than working with builders, the specific price will be different depending on the installation area. There are 4 different solar roof styles are available: glass tiles, glass tiles, slate textured glass tiles, smooth glass tile, users can design the style according to their own needs, the product will be officially sold in the summer of 2017. Take a look at the actual effect: Tesla wants to build a closed-loop system, that is, solar roof + battery wall + electric car, providing energy production, storage and use of integrated solutions. This combination can provide renewable energy for thousands of families, so that people travel home is 0 carbon emissions, green environmental protection of 100%. Tesla released the feeling is not a solar cell, but the future ah. We also want to act, starting from the overall situation, in the name of environmental protection, the first to achieve a small goal: to buy solar roofs can install the villa!相关的主题文章:

Trapped in the storm easy to say the money in the process-vy canis majoris

Caught in arrears storm easy to say, money in the process, following the music as a result of arrears after the storm, as the music holding 70% of the easy to be involved in the dispute over the recent debt. Some of the media reports, easy to artificial customer service company Hebei Zhongrui Communication Technology Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhongrui Communications) arrears amounted to more than 200 yuan, easy to total cost of suppliers owed is as high as 50 million yuan. There are more than a dozen easy to car suppliers, ready to jointly filed a lawsuit. Yesterday, easy to held a press conference to chief operating officer Feng Quanlin said the public response, and easy to service between companies, car rental companies do not exist because of debt disputes, push suppliers lead to smart customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, Zhongrui communications and other aspects have slowed down the attitude, said it is easy to communicate with the negotiations. Easy to have company retainage outstanding on November 22nd, the car is easy to chief operating officer Feng Quanlin for easy to make a public response to the debt crisis, there is no dispute between him and said the debt service companies, car rental companies, "customer service belongs to me, this thing does not exist. Intelligent customer service is about to start, so attracted the dissatisfaction of the artificial customer service company." Earlier media reports, the car is easy to have in customer service supplier communication Zhongrui Communication Technology Co., cost up to about 2000000 yuan, a total of five or six similar suppliers are owed fees, as of September this year, the total cost of arrears amounted to 50 million yuan. Yesterday to respond to express that the payment has been agreed in accordance with the way the normal payment. However, due to the recent easy to enhance customer service experience, there are some suppliers to change, are now dealing with matters before and after the change, there are individuals who do not intend to continue to cooperate with the company’s remaining tail is not settled. Feng Quanlin said he was responsible for the car rental business related businesses are very healthy, there is no dispute arrears. Media exposure of the two in one, in March to terminate the cooperation, and another company just owed 5000 dollars, the money is in the process." Feng Quanlin said, easy to have been optimized and cooperation car rental company, when he took over the national small car rental companies less than 1000, the smallest rental company of less than 20 vehicles, up to now only hundreds of optimization. Therefore, there will be a termination of cooperation has not yet received the company’s money, but also are in the process, not in the strict sense of arrears. In addition, Feng Quanlin also revealed that easy to car financing progress is relatively smooth, temporarily inconvenient to publish relevant information. Suppliers are talking, so sharp communication is the media "Taoxin" suppliers. In November 22nd, the Beijing News reporter contacted one of the person in charge of communication with sharp Chen Chang, after the external position is different, he is easy to negotiate on the Beijing News reporter said, but declined to disclose the relevant circumstances, "said still want to wait and see." According to Chen Chang provided to the media said, from the beginning of July, said it could not easy to send out June payments to sharp communication, there is still time for the last 2 months of the term of the contract. And then, easy to hand money to complete the relevant commitments again and again in vain. There are media reports, the supplier suffered arrears or prosecution rights. According to reports, including Shenzhen Aoli di相关的主题文章:

Secrets of the ancient notes of those bizarre traces-winpm

The ancient secret in the notes of those strange "traces" – Beijing crime scene investigation, all kinds of "trace" is undoubtedly very valuable, because they not only show the crime process, also shows that the tools of crime, or even directly exposed to the criminal characteristics, the police investigation of cases can play an invaluable role. In ancient China, although limited science does not Chang, to "trace" is only a superficial understanding is very superficial, but the charge of criminal investigation "Tixing officer", or can they catch the fox’s tail, and brought to justice, perhaps in the ancient notes, "traces" are closely related with the crime or even murder, let the author formed such an experience: as long as the one mentioned in the notes traces, probably with a case — even odd sly case. 1 wind lesson "corpse trace" old read a "extremely thin Si fear the ancient note, so far impressed: the Yuan Dynasty scholar Tao Zongyi in" farming in Nan village "in the book, has been recorded in a" wind hall corpse trace". Fuzhou’s prime minister Zheng house there is a breeze, the wind hall hall "on the steps of a corpse lying faintly visible traces of" rainy days, especially the trace". According to the textual research of Tao Zongyi, the origin of this corpse trace should trace back to the Southern Song dynasty. The prime minister Zheng palace, is the Song Lizong era minister Zheng Xingzhi’s residence. Zheng Xingzhi is a disciple of Zhu Xi, quite accomplished in science, but unfortunately poor character. When Zheng Xingzhi was young, the family was poor, "Fujian folk worship Laba stove", he can not afford to buy things for the worship of focal, went to the mouth of the alley butcher home by a piece of meat, just the butcher’s wife was not at home, the butcher will lend him a good mind. Wait until the butcher came back about this, very angry, Zheng Xingzhi rushed home and put the meat back. Zheng Xingzhi had to draw a horse, the title of a poem "burnt to the ceremony, said:" a black piebald a whip, send you a ride to the sky. If you ask the jade articles of human things, is not worth the money." Song Ningzong Jiading first year, Zheng Xingzhi admitted Jinshi first, then going home to have a successful official career, naturally show off, "hue to the momentum, he, who knows?" the butcher did not buy it, sideways said scornfully: "Yo, borrow the meat back Zheng scholar!" Zheng Xingzhi to fly, let his butcher arrested, "the number of incrimination, bound to kill". I don’t understand, because when asked for a piece of meat, and did not take with praise to the drama, Zheng Xingzhi butcher to death, but also a number of people to "sin"…… This science is about to learn the dog go belly up, but this number of people just can rise, in the Song Lizong years when the deputy prime minister, and in the luxurious residence built within the wind hall — but this house illegally, illegal fishing people, to seize their house to Guang Ju home, even homestead is stolen. Some people lost their land to reasonable, which can speak a famous Neo Confucian, "forced suppression, then Dutch act on this" left indelible trace in the corpse on the steps of the wind hall. There is a corpse to trace, said more qice, Song Gaozong in four years in May, before the Royal Army will launch a rebellion, Yang? The chaos army often passing through a small village, saw a woman.相关的主题文章:

China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and Crafts Fair the inheritance and innovation of cross-bo-verbal jint

China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and Crafts Fair: the inheritance and innovation of cross-border integration – Beijing Dongyang woodcarving Propaganda Department of Dongyang city in new network Jinhua on 16 September, (Xi Jinyan) 16, the reporter was informed that the "heritage of innovation, cross-border integration" as the theme of the eleventh session of China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and Crafts Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) will be held November 10, 2016 -13, held in Dongyang City, Zhejiang province Chinese wood city. Zhejiang, Dongyang, with "Art Village" is renowned in the world, wood and bamboo "two flower" is a bright Chinese craft culture. Has been held for ten sessions of the China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and crafts fair, not only will the wood carving bamboo art and industry development and perfect fusion, both in size and grade, the number of visitors to influence, has become the domestic wooden crafts and wood (mahogany) furniture industry’s largest annual event. According to the Dongyang Chinese wood City General Manager Zhang Youcai introduction, this year will continue to build the East fair "inheritance and innovation, cross-border integration" as the theme of the Expo boutique, "innovative, inclusive and open, cross-border, sharing" for the development of market orientation, innovation driven development, a force to promote the inheritance and prosperity of Arts and crafts China new normal world under the economy, adjusting the industrial structure, promote cross-border China carved rosewood furniture industry chain integration. The Expo highlights, highlights highlights, both in terms of specifications, the size and accuracy of the exhibitors exhibitors, have greatly improved and improved. It is reported that this East will set up nearly 1200 international standard booths, a wooden city one or two households exhibition, exhibition area of more than 450 thousand square meters. The range of wood carving, root carving, mahogany furniture, bamboo bamboo, ancient gardens, intangible cultural heritage, cultural and creative products and handicrafts etc.. In addition to the continuation of the previous Expo this year from the various regions of the wood and wood products, school master representative works, all kinds of crafts exhibition, will be held in the 2016 "Chinese chair" original design contest, the new Chinese life space decoration design contest and the creation of Chinese style decoration design forum, Jingdezhen ceramic art exhibition and traditional Chinese art in particular with the modern life, the sixth session of the forum for the exchange of cross-border activities China mahogany furniture development forum, Internet plus mahogany furniture and "wood city image" APPdemo launches and other activities. Wood carving in Dongyang, like a small bridge in the south of the Yangtze river. As the leading industry of the area, Dongyang is committed to promoting the art of wood carving, bamboo culture and industrial development, market development, perfect fusion, modern commercial exhibition form, to create the perfect "cultural event". Dongyang City Vice Mayor Chen Jun said that the current Dongyang City Arts and crafts industry is in a critical period of old and new growth of energy conversion, the Dongyang municipal government will spare no effort to increase the Dongyang arts and crafts industry support, establish and improve the government service mechanism, strengthen macro-control of the industry, also hope that through this Expo, better able to guide the enterprise and industry innovation, sustained, stable and healthy development. (end)相关的主题文章:

Inter winter window inadvertently introduced r Ma is willing to stay in Suning for more than half a -www.ddd138.com

After the inter winter window accidentally introduced R horse to keep him in Suning for half a year [] report of Yongchang 1-6 Su Ning Martinez Teixeira curled the ball hit the door wearing a hat in September 13th to join the Jiangsu sports Tencent Suning in less than two months, Columbia teenager Roger Martinez completely fire. Because of the amazing performance of 6 games in the super stadium, Martinez not only proved their strength, but also with their own time to join the dream of overtime – landing international Milan closer. Recently, according to Italy’s well-known sports media "football market" news, international Milan has Martinez formally as a part of the future, he will certainly put on a blue shirt, but not the season winter transfer period, but to wait until June next year. Foreign media screenshot football market, said that because of the strong rise of Martinez, he went to inter Argentina striker I Karl Di’s assistant, will soon become a reality in the near future. "Martinez has proven himself to be a great striker in the Super League, and we can see the possibility of his arrival in Europe and Inter, and the day is not too far away." The media commented. However, when the winter transfer window opens, inter is likely to be the first to introduce other non EU players, so there is no EU passport Martinez also need to wait. However, Martinez does not need to worry that he will be missed and Inter, because Inter has sent scouts to track his performance, until the next summer transfer window opened, he will be able to join Inter from suning. Football market believes that Martinez joined Inter, will solve the problem has long plagued Inter Milan, that is, how to find a suitable partner for the u.s.. However, there are Italy media believes that inter expectations for Martinez is not just to become a deputy so simple as I Karl Di. In fact, inter is to be made Martinez I Karl Di’s successor, especially in the latter’s background, there may be in suspense at next summer’s premier, Martinez more intense desire for inter. If the transfer next summer, Martinez means that after the end of the season, can be re – Su Ning for half a season. According to the Italy media, Inter Milan and Suning players do not have any problems. Can be used in less than two months, let the dream become a reality, Martinez’s future is really worth looking forward to. (Yalugelu)相关的主题文章: