Out of the ordinary 404wan Red Moon Legend 2 tyrant pack color value soared win7codecs

Out of the ordinary 404wan "Red Moon Legend 2" Bazhe suit yen value soared so people rely on clothes horse saddle, with a domineering fashion fashion will make you bullish, "404wan 2" Red Moon Legend new Bazhe master set, perhaps its tough domineering yen value can make, and small part full of youthful friendship friends through a bumpy road adventure. Tyrant dominate the package a total of 6, wearing the same position as the original red moon dominate, red moon dominate the upgraded version. Weapons and jewelry sets to give a new set of attributes and skills, wearing a full set of tyrants dominate the players will be red on the mainland in the pursuit of countless people dream! 404wan will be out of the ordinary "Red Moon Legend 2" Bazhe suit game game player wearing the soaring yen value Bazhe and dominate magic Bazhe dominated clothes can activate powerful suit property and suit Nirvana fighter in the world. Tyrant world skills can cause a lot of damage to all targets within the screen, the next time there will be a certain amount of time before using the CD system, the system can be set by default R button, can be seen in the character skills panel! 404wan will be out of the ordinary "Red Moon Legend 2" Bazhe suit worn Bazhe soaring yen value dominate Yuxi Bazhe, master of jade, Bazhe, Bazhe dominate dominate Charms can activate powerful dragon suit property and set Nirvana death resurrection. Listen to the name feel very cock with wood? It is linked to Nirvana!! When dead immediately full blood resurrection, resurrection does not drop any equipment props, the next resurrection has a certain skill CD time. Want to be different from the 404wan "Red Moon Legend 2" the tyrant who set the value of the surge is not immediately feel like the lack of such a set of equipment, then the following to introduce how to get equipment! In the "404wan 2" Red Moon Legend, can directly obtain or use something lucky red moon dominate equipment in the synthesis of God Chiyue Tucheng middle synthesis furnace. It should be noted that the tyrant to dominate the suit needs to achieve the corresponding figure of the heart can only be heavy to wear oh. In addition to "Red Moon Legend" 2 Bazhe dominate equipment can strengthen the transaction, such as 16 star, has raised the death of Nirvana does not drop any equipment and props such as death, nirvana or resurrection resurrection is not activated in the CD time is the death of Nirvana has a chance to drop equipment and props. Your color is soaring because of your equipment! 404wan "Red Moon Legend" 2: Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: