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How To Create Online Free Blogs And Have Popular Blogs Online Posted By: Claire Bennet

online free blogs Seo – Why Linking To Other People’s Images Is A Bad Idea Posted By: Chris Angus Hosting images that originate from another’s server is a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to blogging. Sometimes you may find an image that you like and simply link to the picture where it exists. This allows it to show up on your page but be hosted by the other site’s server. Some sites are okay with this and others take great exception, sometimes changing the image from their side to read, This person is stealing my bandwidth. This happens when others click on it and can help destroy your good reputation. This also means that they are being charged by their host for allowing you to display your image. Usually this type of link is not noticed until your website traffic starts to grow and the bandwidth usage on the other site increases. The solution to avoiding an ugly dispute and possibly lots of technical hassles is to host images on your own server. Of course to host images in this way you need to own your own domain and host the blog from there.

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