October 15th Beijing has not been the real name of the mobile phone will be a one-way stop next mont faxuan.net

October 15th Beijing real name mobile phone card will not stop the one-way 30 next month, the "double stop" three operators of mobile phone real name system ultimatum! No longer real name on the stop! Tencent, science and technology news in October 14th, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom, Beijing Telecom today announced that the October 15th, not the real name system of mobile phone card will be in the one-way stop, not only into the real name authentication of the user can’t play. In addition, in November 30th yet before the real name registration number, it will take neither scored nor hit the "stop" measures. Previously, the three operators responsible person said, in the Beijing area, October 15th onwards will be the implementation of a non real name will stop batch execution, the latest policy, to the end of October, mobile phone users to stop all non real name. The specific provinces shut down policy implementation is not real time, China Mobile (micro-blog) to provide the data show that Ningxia, Inner Mongolia began to implement real stop policy from July, batch execution; Guizhou in August 25th to continue to carry out the relevant policies, batch execution; Heilongjiang from the beginning of September 1st, has batch execution does not stop the real name policy. In addition, it is understood that the three operators have their own business lines and online business hall to provide real name registration services. In addition, some operators also provide mobile phone business hall, WeChat public numbers and other self-help real name registration. Before the completion of the registration of the real name registration, telecom operators will be through publicity, announcements, text messages and telephone notification (call the machine or the system to retain the phone) and other ways to inform the old user real name registration. Promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: