Nora jurisprudence CEO Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court again

Nora jurisprudence CEO Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court again Nora jurisprudence Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court again CEO source: Beijing Haidian court micro-blog source: Beijing micro-blog Beijing Haidian court court of Haidian in the morning to a public hearing accused unit Shenzhen Nora technology limited company, the defendant Wang Xin, Wu Ming, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wenju suspected of spreading obscene articles for the purpose of profit crime case. After the court clerk read the rules of the court, the prosecutor, the defender and the collegiate bench entered the court. The presiding judge announced with the defendant to appear in court, the accused unit. The presiding judge announced the court, that inspection, the relevant issues in this case the server problem, and announced after the pretrial conference to listen to the views of both parties, the collegial panel decided to resume the court investigation, the court cross examination again. Pretrial conference, the prosecutor to apply for supplementary raw produce has been transferred to the court, but did not read the court evidence, no objection to this. The prosecutor in court on evidence, defendant, the defendant and defense counsel opinion. After the trial, the defendant unit, the defendant did not add evidence. The presiding judge asked the defendant, the defendant to the prosecutor accused the facts of the crime. Our company, Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen had pleaded guilty to repentance. Wu Ming said Nora company was founded. The presiding judge announced the court debate, the first prosecution by the public prosecutor. Nora company, the defendant to defend himself. Source: Beijing, Haidian court micro-blog to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: