NOKIA released 4.5g pro and 4.9g technology to pave the way for the realization of 5g clazziquai

NOKIA released 4.5G Pro and 4.9G technology to realize 5G pave the way NOKIA Phoenix Technology News September 3rd news, NOKIA recently announced the launch of 4.5G Pro mobile technology, this technology can greatly improve the network capacity and speed, to help operators build the next generation network, meet the interoperability needs of big city. In addition, NOKIA also proposed the 4.9G program, through the evolution of LTE technology to optimize 5G wireless coverage, to provide users with continuous 5G service experience. The future of 5G technology can provide protection for mobile broadband and large-scale emergency communications, especially for large population and business intensive large cities, widely used in various industries, businesses and vertical applications. In order to help operators achieve this goal, NOKIA has identified the use of 4.5G Pro technology, and thus lead the next technological evolution, paving the way for 5G. 4.5G Pro can significantly improve the LTE capacity, coverage and speed. 4.5G Pro by NOKIA AirScale wireless product portfolio to provide technical support to 10 times the rate in the initial 4G network, provide Gigabit peak rate for operators to meet the world’s growing demand for programmable, while supporting the upcoming release of the next generation of equipment. The polymerization in high as carrier expansion in 5 frequency bands, operators will be able to fully licensed spectrum and the unpaired TDD non authorized spectrum pairs FDD, rich, and ensure the operators to meet local and national regulations and future user equipment support. With the steady growth of urban population, super large super city will be a major challenge for mobile and fixed network operators. 4.5G Pro based on NOKIA 4.5G technology, the world has more than and 90 customers deployed NOKIA’s 4.5G technology. NOKIA’s 4.5G technology by using wireless carrier modulation technology four advanced technology, and the IoT based on network connection, greatly improves the performance of LTE, to help operators to take time for the challenge. 4.5G Pro focuses on the ecological system and user equipment 5G ready network, therefore, the future deployment of NOKIA 4.9G, will greatly enhance the capacity and speed, reduce the network delay and optimization of 5G wireless coverage, provide continuous service experience for the user 5G. 4.9G has a unique function, will further enhance the capacity and speed to thousands of megabits per second, including more number of carrier aggregation, so as to obtain additional authorized and non authorized spectrum paves the way to promote the evolution of wireless systems, including signal using highly directional antenna and superposition of multiple transmit and receive path transmission. In addition, 4.9G will use the cloud based network, the edge of the network to join the intelligent features, thereby reducing the delay to less than 10 milliseconds. 4.9G is able to support Band 43 and the recently released Band 42, enabling global operators to take advantage of the newly launched TDD-LTE spectrum. After the citizen broadband radio service (CBRS) band adjustment, U.S. operators will be able to take advantage of the 3.5GHzG spectrum, and thus significantly enhance the capacity. 45"相关的主题文章: