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Nick Bostrom "super intelligent" lead the war of human experts debate can realize the super intelligent technology – Sohu new Zhi Yuan Author: Allan Dafoe & compiler; Stuart Russell source: technologyreview compiler: new Liu Xiaoqin Zhi Yuan to start a new round of recruitment: COO, executive, editor, compiler, editor, senior director of operations, customer manager, Consulting Director, administrative assistant in 9 position overall opening. Resume: jobs@aiera HR WeChat: new Zhi Yuan COO and executive editor of the highest salary offer over 1 million; to provide the most complete training system, higher than the industry average wages and bonuses for the backbone of the staff. Join the new wisdom yuan, and artificial intelligence industry leaders to join hands to change the world. [introduction] new Zhi Yuan AI Alan Research Institute of artificial intelligence CEO Oren Etzioni in September, the famous "MIT Technology Review" the author criticized Nick Bostrom book "super intelligent", think of the long-term risk of super smart AI concerns but is Qi worrying, in the foreseeable future there may be a super intelligent AI. This is from political science at the Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley computer science professor Allan Dafoe two and Stuart Russell Etzioni author refuted criticism in the same magazine, behind Bostrom. It is interesting to note that Etzioni published a response at the end of this review, although not entirely agree with the views of the two professors, but for their personal attacks on Bostrom apology. Oren Etzioni, the famous AI researchers, on the future success of the AI will cause the potential long-term risks of the news report has a lot of dissatisfaction (see MIT No, the Experts comments: Don’t Think Superintelligent AI is a Threat to Humanity). Etzioni directed at Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom and his new book "super intelligent" (Superintelligence), according to the "human level intelligence about the time of the arrival of the Bostrom book, mainly from the survey data of AI researchers, Etzioni AI researchers conducted a survey, survey results declared their results and contrary to Bostrom. The results of the survey "super intelligent" contrary to the possibility that human level intelligence appeared: the survey results of Etzioni Etzioni to 193 researchers to ask "what do you think will appear super smart?" Received 80 responses (response rate of 41%). The results show that 92.5 of the respondents believe in the "foreseeable future" (within 25 years).相关的主题文章: