New song Wang Feng when the first champion mentor Xie Xie, Zi Yi is very frustrated by the loss of t

"The new song" Wang Feng when the first champion mentor thank Zi Yi Na Ying is lost with Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao won the champion Yang Meina Phoenix Entertainment News (written / star) the evening of October 7th, "the new song" China first quarter finals ended in the nest. Wang Feng’s team to the highest court in the world to become the champion of this season, the team of Jay Chou to the west to get the runner up in the first place in the world. The final scene, "China China good tongue finally return. The final is divided into three rounds, in the first round of the tutor and student choral links, Wang Feng led the students to join the chorus of the chorus of Jiang Dunhao and "full". The second round of individual student singing, this round of voting by the audience voted for the highest two students to enter the third round, which is the final title battle. Jiang Dunhao sang the "River" of Wang Feng, and finally entered the championship with the team of the Yankees in the battle of Jay Chou. The last one, the first to bring to the ocean "Moonlight City" and "woman" medley, on behalf of Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng’s "window" concert. Finally, Jiang Dunhao won 47 votes for the musicians and the media, the audience of 59852 votes, won the first quarter of China’s new song champion. This is also Wang Feng in the experience of "China good voice" several times to accompany the run, for the first time to become a champion mentor". After the conference, for the first time the "missing" champion, Na Ying appears to have some regret, in her final two students Wang Chenrui and Li Peiling once touted as powerful "champion candidates", Na Ying said, "the flowers of someone’s home, a little lost." At the same time, she also congratulated Jiang Dunhao and Yang, and special congratulations to Jay Chou, congratulations to the wife of the daughter of the old woman, said: "every teacher has paid a lot of effort, this summer harvest a lot of money," said." And finally, for the first time to become the champion Mentor: "Wang Feng after the game to share their feelings:" finally no song, no two or three at night and finally they call." At the same time, Wang Feng also special thanks to the road: Thank you for the three instructors for my tolerance and help, thanks to the team’s partners, you have worked hard!" In particular, he mentioned his wife Zhang Ziyi: Thank family, family must be grateful, they make me feel very practical. Thanks to my wife, I am happy to send the warmth of the dream team, gave a lot of real help to help students pick clothes……" Jay Chou put in today broke the news in the background and for chat for half an hour. More and more humorous Jay Chou "small public lift" also joked: "we talk to the shape of the teacher Wang Feng become lively, and I asked her whether she is (Zi Yi) relationship? She said, "of course it’s my relationship."." As a "new song" China champion in the first quarter, but also following Liang Bo and Zhang Lei after another "Ballad champion", at that moment, Jiang Dunhao recalled the championship finally stood on the stage, he said at the time did not think too much, but to see the audience fluorescence stick, mind memories the blind came every scene. He also thanked everyone for his support and guidance from his mentor. In an interview with the media, Wang Feng also said that in addition to Jiang Dunhao, other members of his team will also appear in his next year’s concert, and everyone will have their own performances.相关的主题文章: