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New energy vehicles cheat up liquidation: Jinlong automobile Jing Wei shares the controlling shares of companies on the list of new energy vehicles "cheat fill" it is a typical case involving two listed companies, reporter Wu Qiong, editor Sun Fang as part of a typical case of exposure to new energy vehicles "cheat fill" of the Qing Dynasty is in full swing. Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance website released a new energy vehicles to promote the application of the special part of the grant funds, the exposure of five typical cases. On the list of five car companies have accumulated more than the central government announced a grant of more than 1 billion yuan of funds, involving false declaration or has not completed the total number of vehicles reported to more than 3500 vehicles. The suspected malicious cheat up and plot the most serious Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Company Limited not only by the Ministry of finance to cancel the qualification of the central financial subsidies, but also by the Ministry canceled vehicle production qualification. In addition, A shares of listed companies Jinlong automobile, Beijing Wei shares of control, equity companies are also on the list". The companies involved were canceled the central financial subsidies for new energy vehicles industry qualification is determined by the state of strategic emerging industries, the development of new energy vehicles is an important measure to promote the automobile industry, industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years, from the central to a number of subsidies around and support policies, is introduced in this context. In the fiscal and tax support policies and the joint efforts of all parties, China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle ownership. As of the end of 2015, the domestic production of new energy vehicles totaled 497 thousand, sales of about 440 thousand vehicles. The Ministry of Finance said that since 2009, the central government to promote the application of new energy vehicles to be subsidized, as of the end of 2015, the central government has arranged a total subsidy funds 33 billion 435 million yuan. But the Ministry of finance also found that, with the rapid increase of the scale of the industry continues to expand and promote the number of individual enterprises, driven by the interests, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, and to seek illegal defrauding financial subsidies, seriously disturbed the market order, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of law-abiding enterprises in R & D and production of new energy vehicles, causing a bad influence on the promotion of the application China’s new energy vehicle, has aroused widespread concern in society. Therefore, in early 2016, the Ministry of Finance organized forces of the 90 major new energy vehicle production enterprises conducted a special inspection, involving a total of 2013 to 2015 and has been declared the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles 401 thousand, officercarries 133 thousand vehicles have been sales of new energy vehicles operating state. Inspection found that some enterprises in violation of relevant laws and regulations are suspected of defrauding financial subsidies, some vehicles are not sold to consumers on the early declaration of subsidies, many vehicles to receive subsidies after being idle. Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance announced the five typical cases, according to statistics, five companies involved a total of 3547 new energy vehicles involved in false declaration or not actually completed, the central government subsidies corresponds to the amount of more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, the nature of the worst case is Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co. ltd.. The company by making up false materials procurement, production and sales of vehicles and other original documents and records, upload a false certificate for motor vehicle driving license, illegal way, fictional new energy vehicle production and sales, the false declaration on (2015)相关的主题文章: