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Net red Nanchang ship arrived in Nanchang! Big data tells you what it has experienced – Jiangxi Channel – People’s original title: net red Nanchang ship arrived in Nanchang! Big data to tell you what it has gone through the Nanchang ship home scene lit firecrackers in recent days, the hero of the city are eager to pay attention to the network red Nanchang ship home. About 12:20 on October 10th, after a month, passing through 6 provinces, nearly 2000 kilometers across the Nanchang ship officially arrived in Nanchang, docked in Nanchang Phoenix Island public park in Ganjiang River waters. So far, the people of Nanchang can be seen at the door of the net red style. Reporters learned that the Nanchang ship striking one snag after another way home. Along the way, the Nanchang ship encountered 3 typhoons, anchoring, renovation, anchoring, after several hardships, and finally entered Jiangxi, arrived in the territory of Nanchang. However, despite this, Nanchang ship or because the Ganjiang River narrow channel, blocking the stranded vessel navigation channel and other reasons, once again anchored, and ultimately failed to meet the original plan, on the 8 day and the "family". 8 at noon at about 12:30, Nanchang ship into the territory of Nanchang, at home, but out of the situation: in the estuary District of new a 2000 ton cargo ship ran aground in the Nanchang ship left front, blocking the normal traffic channel. After that, the fleet tried to bypass the stranded ship to pass, but because the two ships are too large, many times still can not be bypassed. The captain ordered again forced to stay local anchoring. Until 15 on October 9th, stranded cargo ship was handled, the captain of the Nanchang ship captain ready to sail, and successfully passed the stranded ship at 15:22. Subsequently, the Nanchang ship docked at 19:15 on the same day the leading post comprehensive pier. October 10th around 12, after several hours of sailing, Nanchang ship arrived in downtown. Gong drum up play for users are more concerned about the Nanchang ship permanently moored in the problem where China, Jiangxi network reporter learned that the tail water of Ganjiang River Bridge Phoenix Island public park in the original plan is to choose one of Nanchang after the ship arrived in Nanchang will be sound and light, multimedia and other aspects of the decoration. As for the permanent berth, is still in consultation planning. Big data research center to provide large data show: 10 to statistics on the Nanchang ship news up to more than more than 350, more than 2800 micro-blog, visible Nanchang ship has become a net red. [1] [2] [3] the next. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: "Red Net" ship arrived in Nanchang hometown of Nanchang! Big data tell you it has experienced what Nanchang ship home: September 8th, Nanchang ship officially left Dalian Port Arthur, Liaoning, Shandong, has been in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi 6 provinces and cities, the route via Bohai, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, the Yangtze River and Ganjiang sea waters, the range of about 900 km an inland voyage, about 990 kilometers (including the Yangtze River Estuary to Nanjing about 410 kilometers from Nanjing to Jiangxi Hukou in the range of about 430 km, from Hukou to Nanchang Ganjiang River Bridge, a range of about 150 kilometers))相关的主题文章: