National food instant noodles sales decline or due to the impact of the electricity supplier takeawa

"National food" or because of the decline in sales of instant noodles takeaway about the impact of the electricity supplier must travel home partner role instant noodles, guys have laughed at the "spring artifact," overtime partner "ah, who did not eat a few packets or a sharp hunger pad. This year, the Rio Olympic Games, instant noodles also greatly exposed to face, Liu Guoliang put the "instant noodles feast", Lang Ping also secretly at night to eat instant noodles. However, in everybody’s eyes, instant noodles industry is threatened by growing crises. Chinese Institute of food science and technology hosted the sixteenth China convenience food conference data show that: in 2015, China mainland instant noodles total output of 36 billion 249 million copies, down 8.54% over the previous year; sales of 49 billion 91 million yuan, down 6.75% over the previous year. The data in the "Beijing morning news" reported: since the beginning of 2011, China instant noodles sales continued falling for 5 years, in 2015, China mainland instant noodles total output of 36 billion 249 million copies, down 8.54% over the previous year, continues this year to adjust. At the same time, instant noodles giant Tingyi shortly before the surrender of a report of the worst in 10 years, the first half of the year, Kangshifu instant noodles on revenue of $1 billion 542 million, down 13.95%, instant noodles industry net profit fell 60.30% to $60 million 820 thousand. Instant noodles really can not sell? The money newspaper reporter went to the master base in Hangzhou to find out. In Hangzhou, instant noodles in the end how to sell? Hangzhou people still love instant noodles? In fact, industry experts believe that the sales decline was mainly affected by the instant noodles instant noodles is junk food propaganda effect, but more people think this is a normal result by takeaway market bigger, the upgrading of consumption caused by. Of course, today’s endless convenience food also let people choose much more than before. Master Hangzhou base 8 lines with 3 stoppages located in Hangzhou Xiasha Kangshifu instant noodles Hangzhou base has now been developed into industrial tourism — "dream exploration paradise", with unique style, the popularity of food safety. At noon on October 11th, to where the money newspaper reporter, a number of guests from Anhui to visit the park, the money newspaper reporter visited the master with modern production lines: 21 processes, one line per minute can produce 500 copies of instant noodles. The staff of the Hangzhou main base for Jiangsu and Anhui, market sales, there are 16 lines, to arrange the operation line in accordance with market demand. Money newspaper reporter saw in one of the workshops, 8 assembly lines, the normal production line has 4, the remaining 4 no production tasks, in addition to a cause for maintenance, the other is in a shutdown state. 8 lines and another factory has several started, this problem, the master of the staff did not answer. Is it because the market saturation and shutting down some production lines? Production line is based on the needs of the market to adjust and arrange, and now the production capacity is also fast, there are 16, to meet the different needs." A staff member explained. However, the semi annual report released by the master, the first half of this year revenue of $4 billion 191 million, down 1 over the previous year相关的主题文章: