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Nanjing purchase credit limit overweight half of prospective customers overnight without qualified buyers Nanjing purchase credit limit overweight half of prospective customers overnight without qualified buyers the evening of October 5th Nanjing purchase and credit limit policy to upgrade both overweight, focus on "deleveraging", blocking speculative investment, while blocking fake divorce loopholes, called the regulation the history of the most ruthless". 6, 2009, the implementation of the first day of the implementation of the new loan limit Nanjing Nanjing real estate market impact of the new deal. As of 6 at 21:30, the Nanjing new commodity housing purchase purchase amount is 29 units, less than 5, 150 sets of subscription amount of 1/5, compared with the previous day 300-500 set the subscription amount, the subscription amount is on the cliff downwards". "Yesterday is today is overtime overtime to play nets sign, sign the loan!" Deputy general manager of the housing secondary housing company Hu Juanjuan told reporters that the introduction of the policy of the Ministry, that night, before the arrival of 4 hours at midnight on October 6th to help customers express handle network signed, in accordance with the old policy transfer and loan, "a total of more than and 300 single to express, eventually did not complete the more than and 100 single sign". "Today are busy signing loans into the trial, a cooperative bank informed that in October 7th before entering the province for approval process according to the old policy implementation, on October 7th and after entering the approval process required by the implementation of the new policy. Today is the last time for trial. However, some banks have been approved today." Hu Juanjuan said. "Yesterday evening express uploaded more than and 40 single sign, all day today to both call, explained that not all uploaded to the network to the success of the sale, because the loan approval is likely to be, many people will still be able to get loans." The general manager Su source district housing intermediary company Zhu Jinbao said, the new deal a great impact on the property market, although the school district housing property market has been the "hard currency", but they also give some call the owner asked whether to drop the price a little ship as soon as possible. Many large intermediary companies shop in Nanjing, the introduction of the new deal that night was packed with customers to transact business network signed, but because of concerns that after the implementation of new loans will be affected, some customers have regrets about. Online real estate shows that this year, Nanjing second-hand housing turnover has reached 119826 sets, and last year, but also more than 9.3 sets. Nanjing 9 and 25 new deal introduced, to the local second-hand housing transactions left no limit purchase hole, then boost the market for second-hand housing price and volume up expectations. After the implementation of the new deal, even if the local people to buy second-hand housing is not limited to purchase, but two suites down payment of 50% or 80%, three suites cut – but as the reins, grabbed the Mustang Pentium forward steps. A real estate broker said that since March the market is very hot, "July, August, September, the income of more than 30 thousand yuan, but the new deal too hard, then crazy turnover situation certainly will not appear, income will fall in a straight line". New deal hit, homeowners react differently. Some of the expected immediately changed, according to the intermediary personnel, yesterday has owners take the initiative to the listing price decreased by 200 thousand yuan. "However, there are individual owners of the price. Since the last round of restriction on the release of post相关的主题文章: