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Men love small his 10 year old girlfriend trying to steal the bike for her bum on the object trying to steal a mountain bike to send sweetheart caught mapping network news (reporter Wu Xiaowen map) online spread the word: "don’t make will not die". Recently, the Dengfeng Municipal Public Security Bureau uncovered the theft of a mountain car case, the suspect named Mao was arrested, confessed theft reasons was to install their own money, sweetheart for a mountain bike. In May of this year, the city of Dengfeng Mao introduced a small ten year old woman, Liu Mou, Liu Mou on love at first sight, even love, immediately launched its pursuit. A hair every day with Liu chat, and put myself into a wealthy big boss, but in fact, Mao was a vagrant. One day, in a chat with Ryu Ryu, Liu said: look at the people around the shops have a mountain bike, and sometimes riding pretty beautiful, I also want to buy a car." Those who said no, the listener interested, Mao heard my sweetheart said, immediately paizhaoxiongpu that said: "this matter on me!" Subsequently, Mao began in the street to find the target for sweetheart Liu to get a mountain bike. In October 20th 14 PM, Mao went to the nearby Dengfeng city Chong Fu Lu an exclusive small courtyard door, found the yard door open, and no one in the yard, he went and saw a mountain bike just behind the door stood a hair, without demur will be the mountain bike ride away. After receiving the report, Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau lofty Road police station by video surveillance and found a man on the bike ride to Jane street sight. The police investigation on Jane street from door to door. On the morning of October 26th, Mao was arrested in the rental room when he was arrested. Here, the police remind: when no one at home, must lock the door, even short out, will shut the door, do not give criminals an opportunity. At present, the suspect Mao has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (source: mapping network)相关的主题文章: