Men drug driving knife wounded police injured police chase – Beijing to capture candy boy

Men drug driving knife wounded police police injured to chase murderer – the new network reporter in October 31st from the Chuxiong Public Security Bureau office was informed that Chuda highway Traffic and patrol police brigade area in South Road in case of obstruction of official business, in the disposal process in a traffic accident, a police and a police association was the knife destruction. At present, the suspects have been criminal detention. On October 28th at 3:18 in the morning Xu, Chuxiong Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Chuda high-speed Traffic and patrol police brigade received instruction, Chuxiong to Dali direction K32 km road (South County Shaqiao town Tian Xin Road), parked a car license plate for cloud L2 license plate white Changan brand SUV, damaged the front, the driver sitting in the car. Suspected traffic accident. Chu Highway Patrol brigade duty officer Yang Qi, Zhou Jianwen immediately rushed to the scene disposal. I saw the white Changan brand SUV parked in the right lane, the driver inside the car only 1 people. The police officers understand the situation to the driver, and produce a police certificate asked her to get off with the investigation, but asked the man in the incoherent, trance, door, windows closed, refused to get off. The driver called the car section so (male, 31 years old), the Department of the car owners. Because of certain abnormal reaction, the police officers to Nanhua County Public Security Bureau request sent police to the scene. 5:19, Duan Moumou suddenly opened the door to get off. When the police officers approached, suddenly a knife to a certain segment of police officers, and then fled the scene. The police officers Yang Qi hands, left leg injuries, Zhou Jianwen injured head, hands, two people endure pain, to suspect the chase. Nanhua County Public Security Bureau and the Chu Traffic and patrol police reinforcements quickly after reaching the scene, the injured to hospital for treatment, and arrest. 6:50, Moumou was arrested in the vicinity of the police. At present, the suspect Moumou on suspicion of obstruction of official business segment has been Nanhua County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. After inspection, certain urine methamphetamine positive, the case is under further investigation. Reporter Feng Yu Yunnan news相关的主题文章: