Meishan people living in the house for more than a year before the developer has been found to buy m ca1834

The people of Meishan to buy a house for more than a year has been found developers before buying mortgage (original title: buy all the room for more than a year ago has been found to buy mortgage) since I knew I lived more than a year before buying houses, there has been the development of real estate mortgage company, 34 years old Meishan citizen Yang Xiufang and her husband had not slept a good sleep, lest they wake up, they spent hundreds of thousands of houses were away on the banks. October 8th, see the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, Yang Xiufang and her husband immediately covered with the Meishan municipal real estate administration contract for the purchase of a special contract and related notes out. The data show that in August 2014, Yang Xiufang and Sichuan province Pengcheng real estate development limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as Pengcheng property) signed a contract for the sale of commodity housing, the purchase of Meishan city residential courtyard houses a book at a price of 331362 yuan, and the contract online filing in the Housing Department of Meishan City, agreed the housing ownership proof before December 31, 2016. According to Yang Xiufang introduction, before signing the contract, she dedicated to the Meishan City Housing Authority for the houses of the state, and the net contract shows, the house did not have mortgage records. After that, Yang Xiufang will pay for the purchase of a house, and spent about 100000 yuan after renovation occupancy. After the stay, Yang Xiufang repeatedly urged real estate related personnel rush to no avail, but inadvertently found on the Internet, Pengcheng property had a debt dispute was charged, and did not appear in court. Further reading: Chengdu real estate developers, one word substitution of tens of millions of Sichuan residents pay twenty thousand housing developers for 2 years did not start until after the retreat: opening Nanchong green area has shrunk dramatically alleged owners sued the developers of Chengdu residential parking is not wide enough developers cut for the bearing column Yibin rent the most expensive in 100 policy to encourage developers when the landlady before the 2016 national day, Yang Xiufang and her husband went to the Meishan City Housing Authority real estate information query, the query results show: in August 2014 the purchase, the house had been Pengcheng mortgage out, and in the housing sector made "housing his right certificate". Yang Xiufang learned that "housing his right certificate" refers to the housing mortgage, housing property registration authority issued to the mortgagee or tenants legal evidence of his right people. Under the security law, the property with a mortgage, that is, he did not write off the right to the right to dispose of the property, without the consent of the mortgagor shall not be legally traded. But has been secured, and in the housing authority to do the right to prove his housing housing, why in Meishan City Housing Authority online display normal? The purchase of housing has been handled by others to prove his right, why can also be in Meishan City Housing Authority on the Internet for the record? With doubt, October 8th, Yang Xiufang couple came to the Meishan Housing Authority for help. A department of the Meishan Municipal Housing Authority staff to open the computer, the Chengdu Daily reporter saw Yang Xiufang Loudong several houses have been pledged, and made the housing his right certificate, only Yang Xiufang buy houses showed a normal state.相关的主题文章: