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Media: the end of October "frozen dog" breaking the zero normal temperature in Beijing? Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wang Shuo) today, Beijing, the highest temperature during the day, the temperature is only 6.7 degrees centigrade, compared with the previous day, a decrease of more than 5 degrees C. But this is not enough, the Beijing municipal meteorological station is expected today after nightfall, the minimum temperature in Beijing plain area will drop to -4 degrees Celsius, mountain -8 to -7 DEG C, and the lowest since the second half of this year, and this will be the minimum value of the cooling process. At the end of October the temperature below zero, is this normal? The deputy director of the Climate Center Municipal Meteorological Bureau Wang Ji told reporters, according to the observatory data statistics, since 1981, in late October, the extreme minimum temperature reached minus the total of 7 years, which in 1986 amounted to -3.5 C, appeared in October 30th. Therefore, the end of October this year, the minimum temperature reached minus is a normal phenomenon. For the cooling process is related with the La Nina Wang Ji said, super El Nino event ended in May 2016, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific SST in August to enter the La Nina state, is expected in December will form a weak La Nina event." At present, the Beijing area of North China has not been so La Nina, the cooling effects of just a cold air." Wang Ji said. According to forecasts, from November 1st, the cold air will come to an end, the temperature picked up slowly. 2 to 6, the lowest temperature in the Beijing plain will rise to more than 0 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature during the day will rise to around 16 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius at night. However, a new round of cold air will affect Beijing in 6 days, and bring a precipitation process, the plain area with light rain, mountain rain and snow or snow, precipitation after 4 to 5 northerly winds at the same time, the temperature has dropped. Is expected to 7 night minimum temperature fell to about 2 degrees celsius. Weather experts reminded the public next week, the temperature fluctuation, in a timely manner to add clothing to prevent the common cold, cold and warm.相关的主题文章: