Man on Jack won the Tom Cruise hair video entertainment Sohu – aggressive attack

"Man on Jack" won the Tom Cruise hair video entertainment "- Sohu domineering attack on Jack: man never" Tom "single man on Jack:" never look back and see more cruise director [HD map]     Sohu entertainment news by the United States and the United States have paila film company sky dance production company combined with the Shanghai Film Group, Hua Hua, media produced Hollywood action blockbuster Spider Man "agent on Jack:" never look back on October 21st national release. The film directed by Edward Zwick and Tom – Cruise, Curtis bi – moders starring history. "Man on Jack: never" as Tom Cruise in 2016 only a screen masterpiece, its opening weekend in countries around the world to win the reputation bumper box office, not only on the first day of the password "and" beat "Dante mechanic" won the 2 global box office champion, in the domestic cat’s eye, Guevara also gain a platform ticket 8 high score good reputation. Today, the film side released a movie box office won the video, the man Jack: never look back, the first week to $54 million to lead the world’s box office.         Xia exploration " Jack " global leader in the global box office release box office win surprise exposure     video; "man on Jack: never look back" since its release by viewers, especially Tom nianguobanbai still will personally finish all the thrilling action scenes, by the strong the pursuit of fans. On the first day of the unstoppable trend of global release with top multinational box office champion, the Tom – Cruise in the film plays a man on " Jack " and can be described as the tough hormone temptation to play to the extreme, whether the enemy is a four warehouse or brawl, the plane rolled on a conquest. Tom superb performances, go get the audience’s interpretation of countless praise, especially the soup, but personally, staged all action, running speed, runaway shooting, can see his big muscles and neat skill. Tom Cruise won the pioneer film critics and domineering return audience together a trend which cannot be halted.     the movie "man on Jack: never look back" to restart the retro trend, return to the traditional hardcore action film, Tom Cruise and Bi Kou – History of moders partnership venture agents, "male and female double" fought together through shooting, fighting, car chase crisis, hanging without breaking the mystery, the situation beyond all expectations let’s have a deep plot, peeling layers of bamboo ".     in addition, iron, and Taiwan, Feng Kan and other senior critics all published a long appreciation of this movie, Tom appreciates the hard bridge hard horse action scenes see people address him enjoyable, especially the kind of meat, foot wind fight scenes, like the back to the last century in 80s and 90s the traditional Hollywood action movie. "Man on Jack: never" in October 21st nationwide, open the picture synchronization with North america.相关的主题文章: