Man and brother open room after ask do you have HIV Brother! sexinse

Man and brother open room after ask: do you have HIV? Brother! Men pass AI cases from 5% in 2007 to 31.1% last year, experts warn must not try to "sell" Tanbi "rot" "bestie" "lily" BL ""…… Behind these as "argot" like difficult words, most people may not realize that the "same sex" especially "behind the male", has been a huge latent risk of HIV transmission? The provincial CDC AIDS Prevention Institute released data show that as of the end of October 2015, Guangdong was nearly 60 thousand new cases of HIV infection, which is spread by 31.1% msm. December 1st is the twenty-ninth World AIDS Day, the relevant person in charge of AIDS prevention work in Guangdong, the proportion is still rising this year. Experts warned that the "same sex" and "risk men" for the spread of AIDS is huge, must not be luck or try to figure "fresh" chaos. The Guangzhou Daily reporter He Xuehua case: the 8 hours of fear through grassroots AIDS prevention organizations know Guangzhou University City College Boys Aaron (a pseudonym), he told reporters that his last year experienced life most 8 hours of fear. Aaron is a "gay", through a gay dating software met another gay, or his brother, two more talk the more happy, then agreed to open the room, sex. Afterwards, Aaron just ask no brothers "HIV positive", in fact, was with ridicule, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly brother immediately responded "!" Aaron bluntly, he really was bombed Mongolia – not a stranger, how can he knowingly pit young but positive?! Aaron always pay attention to AIDS prevention knowledge, immediately inform the friends, they have high-risk sexual behavior, and immediately taking protection. Experts tell Aaron, if not immediately intervene, even once unprotected high-risk sexual behavior, are likely to be infected with hiv. "Male" a greater chance of HIV infection from the last century, the beginning of 80s, experts have been engaged in AIDS prevention and control of AIDS from looking at the spread of drug abuse accounted for the bulk, up to now the sexual transmission accounted for more than 90%, while the MSM spread is higher than a year a year, almost is the intravenous injection, maternal blood the spread of "share" accounted for more than. "Men are the most risk of HIV transmission." The expert quoted his American teacher as saying that the anatomy of the rectum and vagina found, and vaginal muscles are different, the rectum is a one-way street, accident (infection) of course, the probability of large. Be careful not to "move" luck "in recent years, with the survey found that many" gay "on AIDS knowledge rate high, ‘action’ reasons lead to inadequate protective chances." Guangzhou Eighth People’s hospital infection department director, chief physician, Guangzhou and even the province’s senior clinical AIDS expert Cai Wei Ping said. Let Cai director is sad, a lot of men with the patient frankly, to understand the risk of male sexual behavior of the transfer of AIDS, but always kept a fluke, thinking, even if the risk of 99%, I may also be another 1%". In fact, many patients are really a protective male behavior and the trick. Survey found that the three major.相关的主题文章: