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Pets I guess you are reading this article because you have a pet dog and you’re having a hard time controlling his behavior, right? Have you experienced those times when you would want your dog to poop at the right places but he stills unload inside your house. Or when times when you feed your dog but he would not even touch the food that you give him. I got one good experience with my dog that scared the hell out of me. One night I asked my dog to get off the couch but instead of getting off he snarled at me, I saw his sharp teeth but I tried to ask him again to get off but he answered with a bigger growl and it seemed that he wanted to bite me. I was scared at that time and wondered what the hell happened to my cute little dog. If this would happen to you, it would really scare you off and maybe makes you sad that your adorable dog turned into a monster. Dont you wish you have an effective solution for this dilemma? There are times when we get tired of cleaning our dogs mess. Especially when they chew in almost anything inside the house. How it gets you mad to see your expensive furniture being chewed up by you dog. Do you still remember the first time you brought your dog at home and you are so eager to teach him some tricks or even .mand him to do something? Were you sure that the .mands you gave him or the little training you gave him were the right ones and not those that confused him. Would you like to know how you can teach your dog the right behavior in such a powerful way that he will learn it in a flash? Do you like your dog to be the most obedient and well trained dog in the block? There are already new training tips being discovered and practiced by dog trainers that are very effective in teaching dogs to behave the way they want them to. The best way to tame our dogs is to understand them through good .munication and exerting a load of patience in training them. Do you know that there are already methods we can do with our dogs that will help us go through their minds and give us some information on what they are thinking. If we know what our dogs are thinking then it would be easy for us to quickly stop their unwanted behaviors. There are already a lot of articles and ebooks on the . that has promised good results on training your dogs once you follow their instructions. But in my twenty years of having dogs I never came across a better method in training dogs until just recently when A breakthrough in Dog Training was revealed by Ray Caleiro who is a well known dog breeder and trainer. I tried to follow his training instructions to my dog and I couldnt believe that I trained my dog to do tricks and control his behavior in a days time. I am a dog trainer myself upon reading his instruction manual and actually implementing it, I am really amazed how I get my dogs to behave and learn tricks in a flash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: