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Marketing There’s an art and a science to ranking websites in the top 10 for .petitive phrases. There are also a myriad of marketing options to saturate the Internet with information regarding your .pany, music group, or not-for-profit organization. For over 10 years now, through my .pany Decoy Marketing, I have been able to successfully promote everything from energy drinks to t-shirt .panies to hotels. And though I can help you market just about anything online, my biggest successes and the majority of my clients have been musicians and I handle the daily online marketing for a long list of international celebrity DJs. Please note that I am not a website designer. But I can help put you in touch with some of the best designers out there.. and once you are done and have a first-class site, I can make sure that everyone that needs to see it, finds it easily. My online marketing services cover everything from the standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to creating effective viral marketing campaigns and blowing pumping up your .pany or band’s visibility through social network sites like MySpace. The best part for you is, I can charge a lower rate than you can find anywhere else. How can I do this? I live in Thailand and even though I pay my workers 2X the local minimum wage, I can still have 3 people working 8 hours a day for over a week for less than you would pay one person for one day’s work in a NYC marketing firm. Local garage bands and start-up .panies use Decoy Marketing because it is the only marketing firm they can afford. Celebrity DJs and international promotions .panies start working with Decoy Marketing because they need an explosion of online visibility overnight and their peers have directed them to us. They stay with Decoy Marketing because the price is right and we consistently deliver results and continued increase in online visibility. Is this for real? How do you know that this is not a hoax or scam? This is actually easy. Since I live overseas, 95% of all payments to my .pany .e through PayPal, and PayPal has a rating system among users. You will find that I have a perfect rating on their system after more than 4 years as a member and countless client transactions through their service. I have not had one .plaint or disappointed client and the majority of my clients have been with me for over 2 years. Below are the services I offer in the order of their popularity. Please contact me for price list or for case studies. Forrest Mallard = [email protected] MySpace Marketing Our MySpace clients now include over 15 of the world’s top DJs, the US Open, fitness gurus, reality show stars, SOAP opera stars and even best-selling authors. This is not a short-term marketing strategy. This only works as a long-term marketing program that, over the period of a year, can put you in touch with close to 50,000 people that are specifically interested in you, your products or your music. As a musician our MySpace marketing program can jump-start your online popularity and put you directly in touch with new fans that will be very vocal in their support. If you need a little encouragement to keep doing what you are doing, forget Facebook, MySpace is THE BEST place to connect with new friends. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With our Internet marketing resources and the ability to outsource our work here in Thailand, Decoy Marketing can offer you full website optimization with your site submitted to over 900 search engines in less than a week for a very low fee. Even though 98% of your search engine traffic will .e through Google or Yahoo, submitting your search information to these other sites, with links to your URL will actually boost your Google rating. Imagine typing in any word relating to your product, and having your business appear the first page, or even in the first three results in a Google search. With SEO this is possible. Article Submission There are approx 900 websites that allow you to post articles about any topic, on their site. These sites are all Google searchable. The more articles you have online that include links to your URL, the higher your Google rating. These are all secrets that the larger marketing .panies kind of keep to themselves. By taking all of your past articles and submitting them online with links back to your site, you will greatly increase your online exposure to a degree that anyone searching for anything even closely related to you will have no choice but to find you. Google AdWords In a program that takes a very small monthly investment on top of my fee (from $50 to $100 a month) we have the opportunity to bid on certain key words and appear at the top of the pages for whatever specific search query we want. The more money we bid, the higher up on the Google pages we appear in a separate AD column. The trick is knowing how much is enough.. yet not spending more money than you need. Another trick is trying to find a specific sub-niche within your niche category that hasn’t been over marketed to. Building AdWords ad campaigns, and weekly maintenance and upgrading of campaigns runs $150 per month for my work. If you have any questions about any of these services, I would be more than happy to answer them. Don’t be sacred to just say hello. 😀 Forrest Mallard Decoy Marketing [email protected] 相关的主题文章: