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King of the division SKT S6 LPL division is lying in the most afraid of SKT as a king level team, has been renowned in the world. In the continuous LCK three in a row after finally in the summer by the elimination of KT, but because ROX made the summer championship, SKT ultimately narrowly to the highest points once again entered the finals series S. But so many people think that SKT strength has been as good as before, doesn’t have to fear, but if you really want to think that SKT will rise again completely mistaken, in this month’s breathing period. Never let a person guessing SKT from the S3 period to the present, SKT is always a miracle in the adversity of the team. Although it has been circulating on the previous S Championship will be cursed and thus unable to enter the next S game rumors, but at this time has been completely beaten SKT break. This time the ROX not only create a championship to create the history of their own team, but also to get plenty of time to pick up SKT. If KT finally win the game, so the recent state is not stable SKT very likely mistakes in the bubble stage, or will be all ready to stuff all exposed. But the truth is never if, SKT still entered the S finals. Today, the distance from the start of a full time more than a month, during this period in Korea, a highly professional country, will not appear in the case of the expansion of the LPL S5 team. In the last year of S5, Faker in the pre trained hand invincible raze, this is not a factor of any person except the thought, and in the game is to reach 100% terrorist winrate, even EDG Pawn online by infinite suppress or even kill. There is also Marin Rambo and crocodiles, in the 5.18 version of big change in the time of SKT in 0 cases of exposure took out many tactics and ideas are unheard of and game player team. In that season, this year, in the group phase in SKT is walks dim, almost let them lose four continuous direct team to be eliminated, but the result? In the semi-final with very powerful RNG, SKT still took out when the group phase never Soraka system, as well as in a single fish, a direct hit on the RNG be taken by surprise hastily eventually lost the game. Even the group phase to the semifinals began to end so a few days SKT can occur so tremendous sharp change, not to mention now for almost two months? Only those who think SKT state is not good and therefore despise buddy was too naive, the teacher of the car after the lesson, there are examples here can only say that SKT will give many people a huge surprise in the finals. SKT three core of the horror of the saying goes, the hero, in LOL, a version of the generation of God, even as strong as SKT S6 still in the summer season was broken in unbeaten myth, but SKT TPA is not like that as Epiphyllum flashed, their strength is derived from the correct training practice, each player strength and desire to dream. S)相关的主题文章: