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KELON won the "energy-saving health leading brand" two energy efficiency Awards – home appliances — August 26th, China "2016-2017 Chinese air conditioning industry forum held in Beijing, the meeting by the China appliance web hosting, China household electrical appliances association, the State Information Center Information Resources Department guidance, the common development trend of air-conditioning industry is discussed. KELON air-conditioning with technology and products in high efficiency advantages, won the "2016-2017 annual energy-saving air-conditioning industry healthy leading brand", a new generation of professional mute air conditioning KFR-35GW LTFDBp-A1, also due to outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency of the air conditioning industry awarded "2016-2017 annual energy-saving quality star". "Kelon air-conditioned double efficient technology to promote energy efficiency of industry development, the promotion of energy efficiency in the market of Kelon more advocate has a positive impact on the popularity of energy-efficient products." KELON air-conditioning outstanding brand and products in terms of energy won the unanimous endorsement of evaluation experts, won the "energy-saving health leading brand", "energy star quality" two energy efficiency awards. At the meeting, 2016 years of cold air-conditioning market data released by the state information center, market sales and sales were 31 million 250 thousand units and 106 billion 300 million yuan this year air-conditioning line grew by 4.36% and 2.47%, the market to pick up significantly. In 2016, the air conditioner market appeared quality Jizeng gratifying situation, frequency conversion products and high efficiency products rising proportion of high-end industry to continue forward, participants believed that the energy, intelligence, health, inventory, channels will become a new cold keywords. According to the energy efficiency of air conditioning sales, air-conditioning industry in the transformation and upgrading period, energy-saving products to become the brand of competition between a hotly contested spot. According to Ovid yunwang data show that in 2015, sales of inverter air conditioner energy saving product sales accounted for 42.3% and 50.7%, compared to the same period in 2014 increased significantly. At present, in addition to a APF cabinet, the vast majority of products price began in a stable level of energy efficiency, the PRC judgment condition market 6000-10000 yuan will usher in the outbreak, which indicates that the high efficiency products, especially the level of energy efficiency products will become a competitive market. 2017 new cold years, Kelon overweight high efficiency strategy, focusing on the level of energy efficiency products and technology layout, achieve new upgrade. On the one hand, on the occasion of the start of Kelon cold years has released four new level of energy efficiency, accelerate the upgrading of energy efficiency; on the other hand, the launch of the "5C level of energy efficiency standards, the current users of the status of the comprehensive requirements of high efficiency products based on lifting, set a new industry standard for the level of energy efficiency. According to the PRC market research agency data show that in 2016 1-6 months, air-conditioning industry level inverter sales accounted for 20.7%, Kelon air-conditioning reached 32.1% inflection point in the industry restructuring, Kelon air-conditioning is trying to pass a level of energy efficiency overtaking. The award-winning KFR-35GW LTFDBp-A1 "static beauty" air conditioning, not only the use of primary energy efficiency, energy saving, more aimed at the performance of air conditioning to be相关的主题文章: