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Karen Mok offered a reality show debut for   to learn; turned the TV producer — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn in the reality show "we are coming", Karen Mok gave his own reality show debut, has become the focus of attention of the audience. Yesterday, Karen Mok said in an interview, this program is to steal, she wanted to learn Nicholas Tse, do a their own reality show. Talk about the intention to steal – give reality show debut in "we come", Karen Mok said there is an important objective is to steal, "I have come to learn, to steal, to learn how to do a successful reality show, I hope the next challenge is to give yourself a show like this, the learn a lot, thank the team for giving me such a valuable experience." Why want to do television program idea, Karen Mok said is to challenge yourself, "I think it is time to give yourself a new challenge, the film played a lot of concerts, but also opened a lot, but rarely in TV appearances, this time in" we have come to the "reality show, feel pretty fun." What is it like to be a reality show in the future, Karen Mok said, unlike Nicholas Tse’s previous "Twelve taste", "I have to have the elements of music, because music is too important to me." Karen Mok expressed his love for music is eternal, such as regular concerts, music festival. "I participated in the Shanghai Jazz Festival before, this is a very good platform, can let the singers and bands from different places, very fun, the atmosphere is also very good, I hope we have more possibility of such music." The concert will be held in Hangzhou, Karen Mok also prepared a secret weapon: "I love China traditional elements, in almost every concert will add some traditional elements, I practice guzheng for many years, this concert will be more outstanding guzheng performances, the guzheng into rock feel this. Try to have conflict, I especially love to do." In addition to trying to be a TV producer, Karen Mok still has a lot of ideas, including the production of a number of drama, dance drama, there are a lot of behind the scenes idea, but I will not give up the work before the stage." On the first show – make a bunch of very loving friends for "we have come to the" show many guests, Karen Mok has a different feel, she said to her "surprise (Sheenah Jing Xi)" feeling, because she had worked with Zhang Jie, so Sheenah has been in contact with. "Nana is very small, very gentle and lovely, but this time, I see the other side of Nana, the very sunny side of the sun, and she is very happy in our group." The program not only let Karen Mok shouted "fun", also let her deep emotion: "this program let me the most happy thing is that I met a lot of very loving friends." Sheenah and Joe Chen after hearing Karen Mok bear protection month afterwards, their love also adopted a month bear, Xi Mengyao and Yuan Hong at the end of the program recording, a "panda eyes" to accompany Karen Mok to see a month baby bear, which makes her very moved. This Friday we come相关的主题文章: