Jingdong also want to use the robot warehouse, it may not be so fast (video) winfast

Jingdong also want to use robot warehouse, this may not be so fast every holiday shopping season, one of the biggest challenges facing the electricity supplier logistics. Originally, consumers will always think of delivery is too slow, and the need to deal with the shopping season is several times more than usual, or even several times of the order. How to quickly sorting, packaging and distribution, in addition to employing a large number of temporary workers, the warehouse itself operating efficiency and automation is also very important. There are many electricity providers have tried using robots such as warehouse tube, Amazon KIVA robot, will make the order where the commodity shelf to the staff before the staff just need to wait for the arrival of the robot, reached out to take the goods, packaging, labeling, an order ready to enter the transport link. Logistics service providers in the United States Zara clothing brand developed a Locus Bots Locus, will move the picking boxes walk on the shelf, next to the staff by passing the goods after scanning into the box, let it move on to the next shelf. Recently, Jingdong will be located in Beijing, Yizhuang, near the headquarters of the logistics laboratory opened to visit, introduced the latest development of their robot warehouse. In this unmanned warehouse, Jingdong demonstrated the handling robot, shelf shuttle, sorting robot, stacking robot, six axis robots and unmanned forklift operation. AGV robot (lower right) and six axis robot (left) above the lower right is AGV handling robot, used for cargo pallet stacking goods, operation principle and KIVA robot navigation using AGV is similar to the two-dimensional code stuck on the ground. Six axis robot on the left is to use the sucker will be relocating from the scene to show the goods, the effect, the stacking speed can reach a second. Unmanned warehouse group Engineer Qin Hengle introduction, the robot in the stacking goods, a layer, which need to set up some needs are controlled by the algorithm, the background will be according to the early entry of goods, commodity type, length and breadth of data storage rules, automatically calculate the stacking machine. In the small sorting process, need to cooperate with the shuttle and sorting robot shelf. The shuttle on both sides of the shelves, shelves are equipped with small pieces of cargo first, shuttle car is equipped with goods from the shelves, shelves two rows of containers removed, placed onto a conveyor belt. A container through the conveyor belt into the sorting process. Sorting robot in the six axis robot sorting, the goods will be advanced through the built-in camera black box, the black box used to identify the goods, play the role of inspection. Next, sorting robot goods will be removed from the container, divided into small packaged channel. The Delta robot can complete the sorting 3600 times per hour. In fact, identifying goods is the hardest part. At present, the laboratory is only with hundreds of products tested, the training of artificial intelligence, learning different posture of goods, and the Jingdong have thousands of kinds of goods, the so-called artificial intelligence to learn the number is actually quite large. According to Jingdong X division head Xiao Jun introduction, in order to train this algorithm, they have been distributed in the country’s Jingdong 23.相关的主题文章: