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Inventory: the history of which emperor issued the "free iron coupons" the most reliable? Anhui Channel – core tip: ironically, Zhu Yuanzhang in his later years, killing hundreds of received free tickets founding hero, iron man, nine out of ten executed by Zhu Yuanzhang, is tantamount to a waste free iron coupons. This article from the "Yangcheng Evening News" 2016 08 June 10 B04 edition, author: Xu Liang, the original title was: "no reliable the amnesty" is a contract token granted by the emperor, the emperor ordered the servant to the ancient, with the penalty of immunity, commonly known as the golden. However, this immunity is just a theory, in fact, in the past dynasties, with golden There are plenty of people who, unfortunately, many of them have died. In the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang led a group of so-called commoner phase, won the world. To win over the people, he gave people a "certificate", which said: "the the Yellow River Taishan zone, if the time, in order to apply, and then branch." This is the earliest token granted by the emperor. The meaning is: brothers and I go through fire and water for most of his life, with this stuff, you and your descendants can enjoy glory, splendour, wealth and rank. Don’t want to later the situation mutation, Huaiyin Hou Han Xin rebellion, Liu Bang also bluntly, to recover iron coupons, Han Xin be this. The Tang Dynasty, iron coupons into gold inlaid craft, according to chuogenglu "set: Datang gave king Wu Yue money? Home iron coupons, shaped like tile, high Chi Yu, three feet wide, gold inlaid word coupons. The key is engraved with "Qing are dead, three children died, or often make punishment, nor have our responsibility". Amnesty is so called to. But at that time has come to Datang, money and can not enjoy the privilege of a few years later, chaotic mode is turned on, the money descendants hold this amnesty in seclusion. To the Ming Dynasty, after the founding of Zhu Yuanzhang awarded the "iron free coupons, such as tiles, carved, engraved paper tomorrow, all performance and salary reduction of death number". The content is quite specific: the name of the voucher, the size of the merit, the rank of privilege, the oath of the emperor, etc.. Most of the so-called "death, in addition to the rebellion that all death penalty is free of regicide". Ironically, Zhu Yuanzhang in his later years, killing hundreds of received free tickets founding hero, iron man, nine out of ten executed by Zhu Yuanzhang, is tantamount to a waste free iron coupons. The Qing Dynasty abolished the amnesty system, is derived from another form — iron hat king, it has all kinds of privileges. But in fact, the so-called "eight iron hats king", are also not good. Such as similar by selling children, holding the tail of a man, lived to the age of 66, several other kinds of violent death, the average life expectancy is only thirty years old. After all is said and done, golden stuff, purely entertain not reliable. To be a servant accepting Guixie I shed tears of gratitude, ran the main dances, in fact, my heart is not practical, the widdy ah, the emperor day a happy golden prince became a gold medal. (commissioning editor Fan Xiaolin and Ma Lingling)

盘点:史上哪个皇帝颁发的“免死铁券”最不靠谱?–安徽频道–人民网   核心提示:具有讽刺意味的是,朱元璋晚年,动辄屠戮开国功臣,收到过免死铁券的人,十有八九被朱元璋处死,免死铁券形同废纸一张。   本文摘自:《羊城晚报》2016年08月10日B04版,作者:许亮,原题为:《不靠谱的免死金牌》   丹书铁券,是古代皇帝跟臣子订的一份契约,具有刑罚豁免权,俗称免死金牌。然而这个豁免权仅仅是理论上的,事实上,在历朝历代中,拥有免死金牌的大有人在,可惜他们当中许多人却死于非命。   在汉代,刘邦带领一群所谓布衣将相,夺得了天下。为笼络人心,他赐给功臣们一张“奖状”,上面写道:“使黄河如带,泰山若砺,国以永存,爰及苗裔。”这就是最早的丹书铁券。意思是:兄弟们跟我出生入死了大半辈子,有了这玩意儿,你们和子孙都可以安心地享受荣华富贵了。不想后来形势突变,淮阴侯韩信谋反,刘邦也不客气,收回铁券,韩信被赐死。   唐代起,铁券改进成嵌金工艺,据《辍耕录》载:大唐赐给吴越王钱?家的铁券,形状宛如瓦,高尺余,阔三尺许,券词黄金镶嵌。关键是刻有“卿恕九死,子孙三死,或犯常刑,有司不得加责”。免死金牌的称呼就是这么来的。可惜当时大唐已走到暮年,钱家并没能享受到几年特权,不久以后乱世模式开启,钱家后人抱着这块免死金牌隐居山林。   到了明代,朱元璋建国后大量颁发免死铁券,其“形如瓦面,刻诰文,皆镌免罪、减死、俸禄之数”。所刻内容相当具体:赐券者名称、功绩大小、特权等级、皇帝的誓言等。多数写明“所谓免死,除谋反大逆,一切死刑皆免”。具有讽刺意味的是,朱元璋晚年,动辄屠戮开国功臣,收到过免死铁券的人,十有八九被朱元璋处死,免死铁券形同废纸一张。   清代废除了免死金牌制度,却派生了另一种形式――铁帽子王,其拥有各种特权。但其实所谓“八大铁帽子王”,也都过得不好。如代善靠出卖儿孙,夹着尾巴做人,活到了66岁,其他几位各种横死,平均寿命也只有三十来岁。   说来说去,免死金牌这些玩意,纯粹是哄人开心不靠谱。臣子收受时须故作感激涕零状,跪谢我主隆恩浩荡,其实呢,心里十分不踏实,这伴君如伴虎呀,皇帝哪天一不高兴,免死金牌就成了赐死金牌。 (责编:范晓琳、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: