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In the end if Tesla Model X high altitude travel trailer – Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] "I want to fly to Aden’s holy day outside the snow, my heart is pure, the world outside of the village of embracing peace…… before, I have been around the" scare buddies high back, headache, emphysema, I was in Aden almost hanging ", I heard these words full of excitement and surprise has been afraid of coverage. But I still have my fear is greater than the excitement of the foot on the journey of the aircraft, is about to open Chengdu – Daocheng’s self driving tour. A few years ago I was driving from Chengdu to Four Girls Mountain – balang Shan project line, did not expect after the lapse of many years and once again I can start from Chengdu, to my favorite long Daocheng Aden. Just this, my car is no longer a conventional gasoline cars, but they used to call "Tesla Model X 90D urban toys". If an ordinary gasoline car, long distance driving will inevitably make people feel tired, even on the road to music loudly again, even if smokers smoke Liancheng may not stop pumping line, trapped risk brought italy. But Tesla won’t give you this feeling, some people may say that this is my flattery is flattering, but I would rather you say I said I did not pursue Things seldom seen are strange., or on the dashboard, rainbow road and large screen in the control of various functions, enough to make you the way a variety of fresh.               相关的主题文章: