In August, the environmental quality of Hunan was released, and the water quality in many sections o-kairui

In August, Hunan announced a number of environmental quality in Yueyang section of water continuously exceed the standard (original title: August Hunan province environmental quality announced a number of Yueyang lake water quality continuously exceed the standard) net Changsha September 20th hearing the Hunan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau today to the people’s government, the province’s 14 city issued a notice, informed in August the province’s air and surface water quality of the environment, and put forward suggestions to the prominent environmental problems. The monitoring results show that the 14 city of the province city average good days proportion was 90.1%; 324 rivers into the province of monitoring and evaluation of the control section, more than three types of water quality section 320, four grade 4, more than 29 prefecture level city centralized drinking water source water quality are in conformity with the above three types of water quality request. Atmospheric environment quality: moderate pollution and over 14 of the province’s weather, city average good days ratio was 90.1%, essentially flat with a year earlier, the days are exceed the standard of light pollution, moderate pollution and no more than the weather. According to the comprehensive evaluation index of city ambient air quality, Jishou, Zhangjiajie and Chenzhou in August the top three air quality. Compared with the same period last year, the province’s 14 city of sulfur dioxide, respirable particulate matter and fine particulate concentration decreased by 25%, 4.9% month and 5.6% respectively compared with the same period last year, carbon monoxide and ozone were increased, nitrogen dioxide is unchanged from the same period last year. In terms of surface water quality conditions: 29 City centralized drinking water standards of all 25 main city border sections, two grade 14, three grade 10, only four water section of Dongting Lake exit. In the 21 section of lake and reservoir monitoring and evaluation in the 2 section of Dongjiang reservoir to maintain a water quality, a total of 19 lakes and Lake Dongting Lake section, four water quality accounted for 12, three and five grade were 4 and 3; 324 rivers into the province of monitoring and evaluation. In section one, grade 15, two grade 192, three grade 113, four grade 4. The province’s 29 prefecture level city centralized drinking water compliance rate was 100%, in which a class of water quality 2, two class 19, three class 8. Suggestions: Yueyang Nanhu multi section water quality continuously exceed the standard of Hunan Province Environmental Protection Agency announced on the outstanding environmental problems around the corrective recommendations, the Yueyang City air quality days consecutive decline in the proportion of six, the Yueyang gate, South Lake and Yiyang lake, Datong Chi River, lakes and other sections after nearly 3 months continuous water quality exceed the standard. In addition, Yiyang Momodani mountain and Datong Lake section, Changde lake and Dongting Lake City Potou section, Changsha zhangshugang section and five bridge drinking water section, and Yueyang banana Lake section did not reach the target requirement, also asked for rectification. (net time news reporter Zhang Zhen Huang Liangbin correspondent)

8月湖南环境质量公布 岳阳多个断面水质连续超标(原标题:8月湖南省环境质量公布 岳阳南湖等多个断面水质连续超标)红网长沙9月20日讯 湖南省环保厅今日向全省14市州人民政府发出通知,通报8月份全省大气和地表水环境质量,并对存在的突出环境问题提出整改建议。监测结果显示,全省14个市州所在城市平均优良天数比例为90.1%;全省纳入监测评价的324个江河省控断面中,三类以上水质断面320个,四类水质断面4个,29个地级以上城市集中式饮用水水源地水质全部符合三类以上水质要求。大气环境质量方面:无中度污染及以上天气全省14个市州所在城市平均优良天数比例为90.1%,与上年同期基本持平,超标天数均为轻度污染,无中度污染及以上天气。按照城市环境空气质量综合指数评价,吉首、张家界和郴州市居8月份空气质量前三名。与上年同期相比,全省14个市州二氧化硫、可吸入颗粒物和细颗粒物月均浓度与上年同期相比分别下降25%、4.9%和5.6%,一氧化碳和臭氧有不同程度上升,二氧化氮则与上年同期持平。地表水水质状况方面:29个城市集中式饮用水水源地全部达标25个主要市州交界断面中,二类水质断面14个,三类水质断面10个,唯一四类水质断面为洞庭湖出口。纳入监测评价的21个湖泊水库断面中,东江水库2个断面继续保持一类水质,洞庭湖区湖体和内湖共19个断面中,四类水质占12个,三类和五类水质断面分别为4个和3个;纳入监测评价的324个江河省控断面中,一类水质断面15个,二类水质断面192个,三类水质断面113个,四类水质断面4个。全省29个地级以上城市集中式饮用水水源地达标率为100%,其中一类水质水源地2个、二类19个、三类8个。整改建议:岳阳南湖等多个断面水质连续超标湖南省环保厅通报中还对各地突出环境问题提出整改建议,其中,岳阳市连续出现空气质量优良天数比例下降,岳阳六门闸、南湖和益阳大通湖、志溪河、后江湖等断面近3个月水质连续超标。另外,益阳桃谷山和大通湖断面,常德洞庭湖湖区和坡头断面,长沙市樟树港断面和五一桥饮用水水源地断面,以及岳阳芭蕉湖断面未达目标值要求,同样被要求整改。(红网 时刻新闻 记者 张珍 通讯员 黄亮斌)相关的主题文章: