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Sales The fourth most heavily consumed metal in the world is Manganese. Nearly 34 million tons of manganese ore was mined in 2006. Manganese tends to be a very key .ponent in the steel and iron production to this day. Manganese tends to be around 90% of the metals total .position. The grey white metal is significant to the low cost stainless steel formations and other alloys. A research in 2006 showed that the consumption of manganese ferroalloys was around 10 kg allow per metric ton of steel. The manganese content is as high as 16% in cases where the nickel is replaced in part or entirely by the manganese. The tough and wear resistant steel which is procured is perfect for usage in gyratory crushers, jaw crusher plates, cutting edges for earth-moving equipment etc. Why would you go for manganese? Manganese is not an extremely well known element. It may resemble iron appearance wise but there are significant differences. This element is absolutely crucial to steel and iron production. Manganese tends to help the steel or iron produced stay together. The tough factor of this metal is that it is what keeps the raw iron or other elements from being too brittle. Manganese .pounds can be used to reduce engine knocking as well. Oxidation of benzylic alcohols can be done with the help of manganese dioxide. It also has a great number of industrial uses including and corrosion prevention on steel, animal feed, glass production, fertilizers, paint pigments, dry cell and alkaline batteries and many medical and health applications. The automotive industry is highly depended on manganese since it can not only reduce the cost in the car body .ponents which will help in bringing out lighter auto frames but it will add to the structural strength of the car bodies. Manganese is also used in very small quantities to enhance the corrosion resistance in aluminium. Copper alloys are many cases contain around 2 percent manganese. Manganese is also useful in nuclear reactors; you will have to process the uranium ore with manganese as an oxidising agent to get the yellow cake which is extremely needed in nuclear reactors. Newer applications for manganese are being researched and implemented every day. Ferro Alloys Exporter Kolkata is a very well known .pany in the manganese sector; it has developed a lot of highly industrial uses for manganese in different sectors. Manganese oxide is also used in a variety of unorthodox ways such as in the duplication of the process of photosynthesis. This ore is highly useful and there are scientists .ing up with better ways to make use of the Ferro manganese ore. Ferro Manganese Manufacturer India is one of the primary leaders in manufacturing Ferro manganese in India. You will be able to get a variety of different uses of this ore as time goes on. We have already relied heavily on this ore for the development of each and every sector and it will continue to be this way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: