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Running If you have been a Windows user for the past decade then you have noticed what an incredible change Microsoft has done in regards to the appearance of its operating systems. The change from Windows ME all the way to XP was very substantial, not only did the taskbar and the overall Windows appearance change but the visual aspects changed too. However, we have seen the biggest change as far as appearance goes when Microsoft went from XP to Vista. This operating system can be said to be the true pioneer of what is now a standard in regards to the look and feel of the Windows operating system. A few years later, Windows 7 came along and improved all the features as well as the eye candy that Vista had to offer. I know that at this point you may be wondering well, all that is nice to know but how exactly changing my wallpaper could possibly increase my productivity? That’s a very good question; let’s start by explaining what factors can improve a person’s productivity. Motivation This is by far one of the most important factors that can improve a person’s productivity regardless of what the work may require the person to do for instance, if you are a writer or a programmer then you are constantly looking at a word and code processor. Staring at a white background can create a sense of anxiety which in term makes people be.e less productive. Change your wallpaper not only provides a sense of variety but it also changes your state of mind because now the first thing that you see when you get your .puter or workstation is a wonderful picture of a place you would like to visit one day or something you would like to ac.plish and for many people that small change can really turn things around. Use of colors This is something that many people overlook when they decide to set their wallpaper, as we have previously said setting a white background can create a sense of anxiety. Using a red background can make people feel and be.e hyperactive which is not a very good thing when you are a programmer who has to pay attention to little details. The best color to use in order to increase your productivity is blue, blue wallpapers offer a sense of calm and it’s been proven that people who work with in a room that uses different shades of blue can be.e more productive when they are .pared to someone who .pletely overlooks the importance of colors. Windows 7 as well as the Windows 8, and a variety of wallpapers that use different types of gradients which are just perfect to improve a person’s productivity because they do not distract you from your work by showing an extremely attractive shape but rather create a sense of calm which increases people’s productivity in the workplace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: