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UnCategorized As an Import Export Business owner visiting your supplier is very important on your business. You may have found out that some how to import export advisors do not see the necessity to go to China at all. They advise their clients order samplings and place orders based on the results of their sample evaluation. I strongly advise you against this and will explain why. My more than 25 years experience of how to import goods from China has taught me otherwise. Why Make the Travel There are of course roughly very large manufacturers in China with quality assurance organizations to assure a relatively consistent quality of merchandises. With it, you can be more laid-back but chances are they cannot offer you the most free-enterprise prices because of their greater organization costs money. Often they have statistical distribution channels in your home country .ing through less desirable to buy from them. You will .monly bargain with smaller or medium size manufactories which need clear directions from you and this is best done by meeting face-to-face. One of the issues working with a wholesaler or agency is that they may be knowledgeable about a variety of merchandises, but not of necessity sufficiently experienced in any of them. In the end, there is no way of getting around the fact that the Chinese mentality favors frequent personal contact with overseas trading partners and visiting their factory is the way to go. Be Prepared for Surprises The smaller or medium size factories can usually offer you the most .petitive prices and since you want to maximize your profit from importing how to export, they will probably be your best partners. By visiting your preselected manufactories, you will be able to make your decisions about whom you want to attain a deal with after final your negotiations. During your manufacturing plant visits, you will be in for several surprises and you may have to revise the first assessment you arrived at from previous .munication with some of the manufactories. You will find that some manufactories are smaller than expected and have only a limited production capacity available on their own premises. They do not want to miss out on your orders and hire a subcontractor to produce for them instead. This is totally unacceptable because these subcontractors are usually inferior in quality management and care less about your orders because you are not their direct customer. If a factory has this policy, simply don’t work with them if you want to stay out of trouble. The Importing Consultant Another way you can achieve superior results is by employing a neutral .pany as your personal consultant. They have gained the needed understanding and knowledge to effectively deal with Chinese manufacturers and provide their service at an affordable cost. Simply send your requirements to them and they will have them executed in the best possible way. You also do not need to worry about inferior factories because they have ways avoiding them. You have to make sure that they have no special relationship with any factory to be sure that they will strictly follow only your instructions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: