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How about the price level? 13 provinces in August CPI fell below the new network – Beijing, September (reporter Li Jinlei) National Bureau of Statistics recently announced the country’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the consumer price index (CPI) in August (). Data show that the country has 25 provinces in August CPI rose more than in July fell. Overall, the 13 provinces in August CPI fell below 1%. Around August CPI gains. 25 provinces, the National Bureau of statistics data showed a decline in prices showed that in August the national CPI rose by 1.3%, down from the previous month by 0.5 percentage points, a record low since last year (October). At the local level, the majority of provinces in August prices also generally decline. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter combing found 25 provinces in August CPI rose somewhat lower than in July, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jilin, Xinjiang 4 or flat with July, Hainan, Ningxia rose grew in July. Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun told reporters on the new site, the price increase is generally decreased, is affected by the current international and domestic demand is weak; the two is a high base last year; the three is the current consumer goods supply price, lack of upward momentum, some food prices decline significantly. Data chart. Beijing, China News reporter Li Jinlei photo 13 provinces price increase fell below 1% in the 31 provinces, Shanghai in August CPI rose the highest in the country, to 3%, or lower than in July dropped by 0.4 percentage points. Data show that Shanghai CPI rose since March of this year has been 6 consecutive months in the era of the 3". Shaanxi and Shanxi in August CPI rose only 0.3%, the lowest for the country. Overall, in addition to Shanghai, Hainan, Tibet, Tianjin, the rest of the province in August prices rose less than 2%. Among them, the 13 provinces in August CPI fell below 1%, including Jilin, Sichuan, Liaoning, Guangxi, Hebei, Guizhou, Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi, and. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo " src=" 20160818 201681814244.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data map. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie photo " > data map. China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie perturbation analysis that the future price will not be a big fluctuation for the future price trend, Zhao Xijun analysis, despite early some natural disasters, but the overall impact on agricultural production is not large, with the fall harvest of agricultural products, supply is not large, the price is expected to remain stable, large fluctuations do not appear. Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of communications, said that with the summer floods and summer heat in the past,相关的主题文章: