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Henan Anyang a construction road collapse one injured one person died (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Anyang, October 9, October 9th (jiedan Bi Western), a road construction site in Anyang City, Henan province tunnel collapse accident, two workers were buried in debris, the tense rescue, a man was dug up sent to the hospital, another person because of the deep buried, rescued by firefighters have no signs of life. It is understood that at 9 o’clock in the morning, in the four district of Anyang City Fu Fen Cun, Long’an road construction site, Tianmou three people were digging a pit for surveying and mapping work, the pit rock suddenly collapsed. At that time, three people in a timely manner Zhang Ran, and the other two Tianmou and Yao was buried. Due to the ground was buried shallow, was the site of the construction workers rushed out and rushed to the Fifth People’s Hospital for treatment. Yao was buried deep, site alarm for help. The site is limited and the firefighters are digging. Photo by Bi Xiyang after receiving the alarm, Anyang city fire brigade mobilized SWAT brigade brigade, Yindu, long an brigade three squadron rushed to the scene to rescue duty. At the same time to command the brigade headquarters attendance. After the fire rescue workers arrived at the scene to see, pit depth of about 6 meters, while the edge of the pit is also littered with the use of the staff of the three surveying instruments and notebooks. Because the soil is sandy soil tunnel, the slightest mistake is likely to cause landslides again, in order to prevent tunnel collapse occurred two times, on both sides of the tunnel fire reinforcement using baffle, in determining the position of buried personnel, firefighters use planks buried above the door again, and then with a shovel digging. Originally intended to use large machinery to dig out, but the site is limited, can only be used to dig, but the work surface is relatively small, only two people to work." At the scene involved in the rescue of civilization Avenue squadron instructor Zhao Yechen said. After two hours of intense rescue, Yao was finally rescued. Unfortunately, after waiting in the side of the ambulance personnel on-site inspection, Yao has no vital signs, to be further identified by the forensic. Firefighters will be buried deep staff rescued. Bi Xiyang photo currently, when the accident occurred trapped three people, Zhang and Tianmou situation is relatively good. Related investigations underway. (end)相关的主题文章: