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Hebei Lixian County boys fall wells re investigation: a local well nobody on the evening of November 11th, it was again dark, dense haze enveloped Hebei in Lixian County Changcun Meng, the diameter of 120 meters, 30 meters deep pit return to calm, less than one kilometer southeast, a funeral is held. A few hours before the grave dug up the grave, put a pair of one meter long marble coffin. Not far from the cemetery, is a piece of Chinese cabbage. Lixian County drought, farmers rely on the cultivation of cabbage and Chinese yam. The harvest of cabbage farmers rush in the night before, sporadic dispersed. The graves, several shadow carrying the sarcophagus, in about one meter deep pit, then waving shovel, will fill the earth. They lit the ceremonial clothing paper, the fire burned more prosperous, accompanied by Paper Dust Haze raised, and scattered around the land. A 6 year old boy was again buried in the earth — the morning of November 6th 11, Cong followed his father to Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped 40 meters deep in the well. November 11th, the original rescue work area has been backfilled soil, there are some people standing on the edge of the pit, the pit of a circle erected a deep pit danger, do not approach the warning signs. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang last November in Lixian County figure, Meng Changcun 31 year old villager Zhao Xiangyang family, it is a busy season. Lixian County is a famous hometown of yam yam, in addition to dig, the local has been a popular saying, "winter isn’t food, frozen a cold block". On Sunday, November 6th, at 10:30 in the morning, 6 year old sister and father Zhao Xiangyang Cong lying on the tricycle, ready to go three miles outside of the fields of Chinese cabbage. Remember the day Mihu neighbor Zhang Liuwan after coming home, just met Zhao Xiangyang drove away. Less than an hour, he heard from other villagers, the son of Zhao Xiangyang out of the well to well — is an abandoned, from Zhao Xiangyang’s home to less than two meters. Zhao Xiangyang memories, the beginning of the two brothers are playing in the car. See them playing stuffy, he allowed the children to get off, a piece of land next to the vegetable in the play. Just over 11 points, near the point of the meal, Cong to hungry father. Zhao Xiangyang thought, quickly installed it, can be equipped with a son to go home to eat dinner. Just installed two cars, he suddenly heard his son shouting in the distance: "Dad, there is a pit." Zhao Xiangyang looked up to fame, blurred to see his son figure sway, disappear. Hurriedly, Zhao Xiangyang ran past, looked down and found a dry well: This is the people in the village several years ago playing wells, used to irrigate irrigation. Lying on the wellhead for a long time, a dark. Zhao Xiangyang memories, he was very anxious, even want to hold my son, let me out." Zhao Xiangyang told his father and brother, and the first time alarm. Three people after consultation, immediately transferred to the small excavator — is the neighboring lands of yam to sell yam industry village, almost every family can afford to hire a excavator. At 11:30, the first Taiwan excavator bucket shovel into the land. Zhao Xiangyang did not expect a 107 hour rescue, this around the dry well 2相关的主题文章: