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"Havoc" Tianzhu on Foreign Co productions: first keep screenwriter Chinese market – Sohu entertainment two China Debut Movie screenwriter China forum Sohu entertainment news (SAM month Wen Li Nan Masson video map) local time on September 2nd morning, dragon China EU Producers Association (Bridgingthe Dragon) jointly organized by the third session of the "China film Forum" and Venice Independent Film Festival two units in Venice, Chinese writers — "go to hell! The king "and" tumor screenwriter Yuan Yuan Thailand? "," Da Nao Tianzhu "screenwriter beam Hwan at the forum to share in the Chinese in the film production industry experience, on the screen" sex "and" police "analyzes the Chinese film censorship in some lesser known rules of European partners.     two writers and "perfect strangers" director Paolo Genovese dialogue, dragon founder and vice president of Cristiano Bortone, executive director and director of reggae spread two Ji Wei, chief executive of the international spread of thunder thunder? Also participated in the forum discussion. In the face of Paolo Genovese director on some problems that may arise in the central question in detail beam Hwan some "unspoken rule about Chinese film censorship". Such as street shooting, drug trafficking, such as hunting scenes, only can be arranged in Chinese outside the mainland scene, and avoid too much dark, negative news, in the movie the police can not corrupt, must be a positive image, and ultimately to defeat the criminals. As a producer, "write" Thailand? "The pancake man" script, beam Hwan also introduced some characteristics of China comedy he believes that due to market in China spread from first-tier cities to the three or four line of the city, and the three or four line of the city people tend to have a distance from the simple joy, film and comedy in real life, so the market determines the China film at this stage than reality, but he thought happily, now also gradually have the courage to attack the reality of black comedy, he very much hope that China can also qualify like Italy writer Daniel Fu Comedy master. However, beam Hwan stressed that Chinese film in the creation of the Italy film although the same as being affected by the capital side, but more and more young people, please please specific "small town youth" makes the film market more and more narrow, he cites Feng Xiaogang’s "starring middle-aged man" old gun also made $150 million at the box office in the last year, this is a good story that would be welcome, but like "perfect strangers" this movie has also moved to China will have a good response. For China film erected at this year’s Venice Film Festival, beam Hwan will be referred to as "this pain", he said that in recent years, China film in diversity is not doing enough, many theaters of fantasy, magic, comedy, youth film, type and quality are sinking, the summer box office 20% less than last year. He expects to be better next year. As to the concept of cooperation with foreign countries, said that when the collision of several beam Hwan culture, the cooperation with foreign countries still have to keep the Chinese market, let the audience Chinese. In recent years,。相关的主题文章: