Haitong macro Jiang Chao to prevent the risk of real estate interest rates douke

Haitong macro Jiang Chao: to guard against the risk of real estate interest rates approaching Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The risk of a storm, the layout of security assets — a week Haitong macro exchange and thought 189th (Jiang Chao, Gu Xiaoxiao) the stock market rose more or less, the commodity price differentiation. During the national day of the United States stocks fell flat in Europe, Hongkong, Japan and South Korea rose slightly in the stock market, commodity prices, oil prices rose and gold fell, metal prices generally fall. Worry loose inflection point, gold prices fell. Last week, the global financial markets, there are two accidents, first, the sudden collapse of the pound, and the two is the fall of gold. The former depends on Britain’s new song "hard off Europe" relative position, the latter is discussed and the ECB gradually reduce the scale of asset purchases is concerned, the current ECB monthly purchase of 80 billion euros of assets plan expires early in March next year. The United States in September, while the new nonfarm payrolls slightly lower than expected, but in August there are some jobs on the job, the overall employment is still stable, the probability of U.S. interest rate hike in December has risen to 65%. The recent long-term interest rates in Europe and the United States were significantly increased by about 20bp, reflecting the global liquidity inflection point of concern. Short steady economic growth, low inflation rebound. September PMI was unchanged at 50.4, pointing to the manufacturing sector remained stable. In view of the industry, real estate sales and power generation coal consumption growth have maintained an increase in positive during September and eleven, eleven during the Golden Week tourism and retail growth with the same period last year, which means that short-term economic stimulus is still stable, but in the exit after the downside risk is still high. Food prices rose sharply in September, superimposed on the same period last year, the base is low, which means that in September CPI or there will be a significant rebound. The recent international oil prices, domestic coal prices fold high, PPI is that, will also push up short-term upward price CPI. Forecast September CPI rose to 1.9% in October CPI rose to 2%. Real estate regulation overweight, monetary tightening short long pine. In September, foreign exchange reserves fell by $18 billion 800 million, more than two months before the outflow speed slightly faster, and since October the exchange rate depreciation pressure rise, the scale of capital outflows or continue to increase. The central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the economic indicators have signs of recovery, will be to control credit growth, which means that the RRR or continue to be delayed, and the reverse repurchase period is elongated also means an increase of short-term funding costs. During the national day, including Beijing, Shanghai and other 18 second tier cities, including the introduction of a real estate regulatory policy, a substantial increase in the purchase or limit credit standards. The real estate regulation significantly overweight exacerbated the economic downside risk, also means that the demand for long-term funds decreased, long-term liquidity tends to loose. The risk of a storm, the layout of security assets. In the next six months, the global economy and politics are facing great uncertainty. November U.S. presidential election pending, and in December or will usher in the United States second interest rate hike, the beginning of the United Kingdom or the beginning of the removal of Europe in Europe, quantitative easing will expire in next year in March. The China estate policy also makes full price 17 years downtown pressure on the economy increase. In the context of a substantial increase in risk, the beauty of overseas security assets相关的主题文章: