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Womens-Issues So which products are sold the most across the USA for healthy hair? If you said shampoos then you would have to look a little deeper as the answer is Hair Vitamins. That is right! Hair Vitamins work for hair growth according to a survey that reviewed over 500 women and asked them what worked for their hair growth. The answer was hair vitamins and shampoos that removed residue and scalp build up from the scalp. They actually work hand in hand since removing the scalp build up allows your hair root to receive more of the nutrition at the root level and this is vital to healthy hair growth. Shampoos that contain vitamins are also a good start for healthy hair as they work to the root of the hair since they are topically applied and vitamin shampoos are wonderful for the hair as well. So why are vitamins so important to the hair? The answer is that they have everything that hair needs to grow healthy and this includes products for women and for men. They have all the b group of vitamins as well as the amino acids that hair needs as well as certain minerals that the body uses to make up the strands of hair. Together these work to get hair growing as fast as it possibly can and that means hair that is growing at its maximum as well as hair that is growing to its full potential. So what problems are hair vitamins good for? The answer is that hair vitamins help just about all hair problems since the healthier that hair grows out the more withstanding the hair is of all types of procedures that are performed on the hair. The healthier hair is the less damaging it is when heat is applied to it and the same with coloring and perming the hair. This means that as hair is weakened the more easily damaged the hair is so the best solution to get hair the healthiest from the root of the hair. So to answer the question hair vitamins do an amazing job of helping with all kinds of hair problems including dry hair, brittle, weak, damaged, over processed, and even h air that is not growing properly. As a matter of fact it works wonders for hair that is not growing properly. Thinning hair and hair that is falling needs nutrition in a bad way but it also needs to have more attention paid to the root in general. As a matter of fact the hair is most likely being thinned out because of hormones, lack of nutrition, build up on the root of the hair or stress as all of these can cause hair loss in women and men and this means that all of the above should be addressed. It is important to note that all of the above either starts with the lack of nutrition in the hair or ends with lack of nutrition in the hair. For example stress hair loss results in lack of nutrition in the center of the hair and this lack of nutrition if left untreated will cause hair fall to last for several weeks to months and if nothing is done about the lack of nutrition the hair will continue to fall until there is intervention. With dht or hormonal related hair thinning there is a problem with the hair being choked by the dht hormone and this choking action means that nutrition is shut off from the hair. To help with this using a deep cleansing shampoo that will help to remove the hormones as well as hormone blockers applied directly to the scalp that help to block the conversion of testosterone to dht (the hormone that causes hair loss). After that has been performed then it is time to add back in the hair vitamins as these vitamins will then supply the hair what it needs to grow healthy again. As you can see, healthy hair all depends on the nutrition level in the hair and this nutrition level is vital for all hair problems and can help with each one including hair thinning and loss in women and in men. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: