Guangdong, Zhanjiang, a group of high school students were dropped out of the group school pe huangshexiaoshuo

Guangdong Zhanjiang a group of high school students drop out of school:   is the collective; poor grades — public opinion channel — Guangdong Fifth Middle School of Lianjiang city in the first grade more than 400 students in the high school, just a week after school, we have been out of the collective. Lianjiang fifth secondary school principals Zhang Yongyue, said in an interview on the 11, dropping out of school students in the test scores of less than 350 points, according to the provisions of the local education authorities, unable to apply for high school students. At present, all drop out problem has been properly resolved. Zhang Yongyue said at the outset, the senior high school entrance examination of poor grades, according to the provisions of not attending ordinary high school students and their parents are strongly urged, hope to get into high school, school admission procedures, and the school also signed a "memorandum of understanding", note the school will try to communicate with the higher authorities assist to handle school, helpless, eventually backfire. It is understood that the fifth high school in Lianjiang this year, a total of senior high school students of a total of 800 people, more than half of the number of students dropping out of school. Zhanjiang City, about 1900 students encounter this situation. Zhanjiang City Education Bureau said, enrollment policy has been announced, the purpose is to reasonable distribution of some students choose into secondary vocational schools, some schools in order to meet the needs of students, to ignore the relevant regulations, take chances, first admission came in again, causing some parents reading error. In the event of a student surnamed Li said the parents, the students have received all the expenses of the school back, calm down and think about it, the storm dropped out although delayed students choose the best time, but after the incident, the Zhanjiang municipal education department coordination, existing Chinese Medicine School of Zhanjiang City, Lianjiang City, Jinjiang school vocational schools involved and docking, to read vocational school is most dropouts preferred, there are direct study of migrant workers. Zhanjiang City Board of education official said, ordinary high school education and secondary vocational education is equally important, training high-quality skilled personnel is to meet the "made in China" to "China to create" the trend of change. Zhanjiang is one of the big city of Guangdong Province in the year since the occupation education, cultivation of practical talents, in urgent need of talents, talents and technology talents to adapt to the brilliant achievements, at present, the city of Zhanjiang vocational technical school enrollment of about 160 thousand students, the employment rate is close to 100%, by major employers. (reporter Liang Sheng) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaohua and Zhu Minggang)相关的主题文章: