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Reference-and-Education We face them and keep working on them to get answers. Many of fail to even ask counter questions on the question we face and end up either trying to find answers with great efforts or leave to answer the question if it has nothing to do with our immediate needs for another day. We never counter-question our own selves and inhibit, while we should counter question or placed the problem differently we stick the same questions, and when we state our stand we fail to reach the depth of the problem which we state as a question. That lead us to a defeatist stand. Question Game! Image what do questions and games have in .mon. As the title of the game suggests, it is about a game where questions are asked by participant and game continuous until the participants decide to end. How about any rules or norm to play the game of asking unlimited questions? How do we score points? How do we decide the basis for a loser and winner taking the game to the logical end? Can it be played only among individual members or by having teams? Can we repeat questions? Can we give answers to the questions and make a big score? What is the kind thrill involved? What are the challenges of winning or losing the game? Can your questions about the game be answered? How can it be? When the game is played by individual participants, the rule of the game the participant who gets 3 points first in a game is the winner. To set matches and wind the best out of the three games is declared and the winner of the game declared best is the winner of the match. How are we to earn the points? The game as it is played when an individual answers the question with a statement, or hesitates to answer or answers with similar or a synonymous question already asked earlier is declared foul and the opponent who has posed the question scores a point. In case of a multiplayer event where the game is played two lines facing each other, the player who is called foul is out of the game. In another variant of the game the line which loses a player is replaced when the foul is called by the other side which keeps the game going as fresh players add to the continuity of the game asking unlimited questions till they are declared foul and out of the game. The best strategy to keep the game going to ask open ended question and provoke the opponent to answer in a statement. Another way to keep the question game going if only a few people are there is to play it individually by asking questions and be ac.modative with the rules to keep the game going asking unlimited question. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: